5 Things That Chad Henne Can Change To Bring the Miami Dolphins to the Playoffs

Brandon ChillingworthCorrespondent IIAugust 8, 2011

5 Things That Chad Henne Can Change To Bring the Miami Dolphins to the Playoffs

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    It now appears that the Miami Dolphins will put their faith in Chad Henne to be their starting quarterback. The Kyle Orton deal is dormant and it looks like the Broncos will keep him on their roster.

    Dolphins fans were extremely disappointed with the play of Henne last year, as many losses can be placed solely on his shoulders.

    The Dolphins are a good up-and-coming team with plenty of great players. They have all of the pieces in place to be a perennial playoff team, except quarterback.

    They failed to get a quarterback in the draft or free agency, so Henne will have to be the man. His play last year was bad, but his game does have bright spots.

    Here are some things that Henne can change to be significantly better this year.

Throw the Ball to Brandon Marshall More

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    Brandon Marshall is a freak.

    He is a big target, gets open and has some of the best hands in the game. He is the type of player that's open even when he's not open. Lobbing a ball anywhere near Marshall can be considered a good pass because he can go over corners and snag just about anything.

    Last year Marshall's numbers were low, but they are not indicative of any decrease in his ability. He wasn't targeted enough last year, and will certainly be vocal about that this season.

    If Henne can look Marshall's way more often his job will become much easier. At times Henne panicked and threw bad balls that lead to interceptions. Throwing those passes to Brandon Marshall is a sure-fire way to get rid of some of those faults.

    Henne should go to Marshall more in the red zone, too, as Brandon is more than capable of catching touchdowns. Jump balls should be incorporated into Miami's game plan immediately. Doing this will help Chad Henne cut down crucial red zone errors and put more points on the board this season.

Improve Play Fakes

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    Last season Chad Henne's play fakes were downright terrible.

    If you watch some game tape from last year you will notice that Chad Henne didn't fool anybody when he ran play fakes. He gave perfunctory efforts on every play-action pass and didn't look like he tried to make them look like run plays.

    This is an easy fix for Henne and could give him many more opportunities to succeed if corrected this year. All he has to do is hold the ball out longer and act as if he is actually handing the ball off.

Stop Moving His Feet So Much in the Pocket

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    When I say stop moving his feet so much I don't mean stand still and get sacked.

    Henne needs to learn to avoid unnecessary foot movement when he is standing in the pocket and looking for receivers. He has a bad habit of constantly shuffling his feet. This is slowing down his release as every time he finds someone open he has to reset his feet.

    If he were to stand still and only make necessary movements to change targets or avoid defenders, he could release the ball much quicker. A lot of Henne's interceptions were thrown because he was late releasing to ball.

    When you watch Tom Brady in the pocket he is standing still at most times. He gets the ball out very quickly and this is one of the reasons why.

    Chad Henne's play can improve substantially if he cuts down on this error.

Look to Secondary, Tertiary and Checkdown Receivers

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    Another one of Chad Henne's main problems was that he only went to his primary receivers on most plays. For obvious reasons this reduces his play significantly.

    Sacks can easily be avoided by checking down the ball to running backs. This year Henne is fortunate to be playing with Reggie Bush. Reggie is great at eluding defenders and plays his best football when he gets the ball in space. He will be a huge weapon if Henne can throw Bush the ball when he's coming out of the backfield.

Throw More Deep Balls

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    Last year Chad Henne didn't throw the ball downfield very much at all and this impaired his play.

    Chad has a big arm and has the ability to air it out. Brandon Marshall is a good deep threat and rookie speedster Edmund Gates will be able to get behind teams defenses.

    Chad Henne tried to fit a lot of passes in tight windows and this could be because he didn't stretch the field enough.

    Once again this problem could be a result of the play calling of ex-offensive coordinator Dan Henning. Let's hope that new coordinator Brian Daboll gives Henne the opportunity to air it out.