College Football Thoughts and Opinions for Week 11

David HedlindAnalyst IINovember 9, 2008

Stanford and Vanderbilt Still Looking for Win No. 6

Stanford went 4-8 last season and has been able to improve to a five-win season but would love to get one more for bowl eligibility. The Cardinal had a shot against Oregon, but the Ducks scored with six seconds left for the win.

Stanford needs to either beat USC or at Cal. Vanderbilt has matched the five wins it had last year by starting the season 5-0. Now it has lost four in a row. Its remaining schedule has it going to Kentucky (6-4) and No. 24 Wake Forest (6-3). The good news is the game in between is at home against struggling Tennessee.

Speaking of Teams on the Decline

Minnesota needs to watch out, having now lost two in a row with a road game up next. Then again, considering where they were last year, getting the seven wins they did is still probably the biggest turnaround for any team this season.

The ACC Could be the Conference With the Most Bowl-Eligible Teams

It already has eight and Virginia only needs one more win to get six. Clemson needs two of its last three. So does Duke. North Carolina State would need to win out. Based on who plays whom, it is possible that all 12 teams become bowl eligible. I just don’t see it happening that way.

The Pac-10 Will Not Fill All Its Bowls

Seven Bowls and five eligible teams. As I mentioned before, Stanford needs one more win to get to six while UCLA and Arizona State both need to win out. I do not believe any of that will happen.

Oregon State Still Controls Its Own Destiny

I am sure anyone that follows college football knows this already. Oregon State still has three games remaining, all three against the next three teams in the Pac-10 standings. If it wins out, it could get to the Rose Bowl. Problem is, I don’t think I want to watch it if it is Oregon State vs. Penn State.

Next Coach Out: Greg Robinson

It has been talked about since the start of the season. Everyone knew if Syracuse didn’t win then he was out. So now, sitting at 2-7, it is obvious a winning season and bowl are out of the question. He should be out; now we just play the waiting game.

Texas Tech Has More People Believing

I questioned last week about the easy schedule and high ranking of Texas Tech. I said yes, the Raiders beat Texas, but let’s see how they do with more difficult opponents than the likes of Eastern Washington and Massachusetts. Now with back-to-back wins over top 10 teams and three in a row over ranked teams, they have me riding shotgun on the bandwagon. The question is how sturdy is my seat, as Texas Tech travels to No. 5 Oklahoma.