15 Ways How Lockout, Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Made NFL Better

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15 Ways How Lockout, Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Made NFL Better
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This whole ordeal -- from lockout to negotiations to settlement -- made the league better. Here's how.

As it appeared in my inbox, this assignment read, "15 Ways the Lockout Made the NFL Better." While I respect the infinite wisdom of B/R's powers that be, that title seemed painfully inadequate.

In a vacuum, the lockout didn't do much of anything.

It robbed us of football (or the guise of football we weren't actually having anyway). It pelted us with legalese. It made mild mockeries of even the priviest insiders, none of whom knew what the hell was going on or when.

So, to save me a headache and my credibility a hacking, I knew I had to take a liberty, acknowledging the impact of the 2011-2021 collective bargaining agreement.

What, specifically, did the deal do to better the game, the business and our fandom of both? What terms positively impacted gameplay? What clauses did wonders for which revenue streams? What considerations made watching and rooting at stadiums or on La-Z-Boys altogether funner?

And to include the CBA, you'd have to incorporate negotiations (which do, in fact, offer their own, isolated and indelible lessons) toward the CBA, very much affected by the lockout.

Given the prospect of losses—games and dollars—how did sides conform to the situation? What concessions had to be made?

In other words, we're looking at this ordeal start to finish and making sense of what's been made better.

In case you're wondering, we had plenty to choose from.

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