Leafs Defense: Random Madness or Controlled Chaos?

Joshua AuCoinContributor INovember 9, 2008

What would you call the Toronto Maple Leafs defense set up? Personally, I have no idea what to call it. And I'm a die hard, every second talking about the Leafs kinda fan. The Leafs are a team with three too many every day defensemen, and that makes it a very interesting situation.

Ron Wilson is doing everything he possibly can to make this situation work. Everything from rotating defensemen, to playing Ian White at the forward position to get him playing regularly, and so far it's working pretty well.

How many of you fans and critics out there think that will last all season long? I bet not many, and I agree. I don't believe that it can work for a full 82 game season, but what can Leafs management or the coaching staff do the solidify this situation?

Here's a list of suggestions (and yes, I get it that the organization has probably put the wheels in motion and thought of these already, but that's OK).

  1. Make a trade for other players and/or good prospects. I've personally heard rumours about Claude Giroux coming to Toronto in some kind of deal with Philadelphia.

    I have yet to hear the rumoured Leafs go to the Flyers in that trade, but I'd expect it to be in the range of a number 15 or 77 (that's Kaberle and Kubina for those of you that aren't familiar).
  2. Make a trade for draft picks. If this team really is in a rebuild, then picks are a good thing, so shop around the expendable defensemen such as White, or Colaiacovo.

    Leafs Nation loves guys like this, but we have to let them go if we can get decent picks for them. It betters the team in the long run.
  3. Have the coaching staff set a solid depth chart for defensemen. If the staff does that then guys know how much they're going to be playing and can be readily prepared.

    Personally I would do the depth chart for the top nine like this: Kubina, Kaberle, Van Ryn, Finger, Schenn, Stralman, Colaiacovo, White, Frogren.

    By no means is that the way it should go, the coaching staff should put hours of thought into the order if that's the way they choose to go.

Those are my suggestions to the Leafs because personally I don't think that the controlled chaos theory works for a whole season.