Lou Gehrig: The Most Underrated Yankee of All Time

Adam ReiterCorrespondent IIIAugust 8, 2011

Lou Gehrig
Lou Gehrig

Who is fifth in career runs batted in, 26th in career home runs, fifth in career on-base percentage, third in career slugging percentage and OPS, 10th in career runs scored and eighth in career extra-base hits?

Who thought of Lou Gehrig?

If you say it was you, you're lying!

You didn't think of him because, despite an overwhelming Hall of Fame career, he is the most forgotten player on the most famous team of all time.

And why? Because he played second fiddle to the most famous player on the most famous team of all time.

To call Babe Ruth a hero would be an understatement.

The man was worshipped by an entire nation due to his extraordinary power and charming personality.

Ruth has been considered one of the most recognizable athletes of the 20th century, and why shouldn't he be?

The man was the all-time home run king for 39 years, and is still third all-time, with 714 career home runs. He is 10th in career batting average, second in career RBI, first in slugging percentage and OPS (slugging + on-base percentage) and fourth in career runs scored.

During Gehrig's and Ruth's 10 seasons together in pinstripes, Gehrig had more RBI and recorded a higher batting average than Ruth. He received nowhere near the recognition despite putting up numbers to rival Ruth's nearly every year.

Since Gehrig, many men have come and put up a good fight as second bananas, but none have come close to what Gehrig was to Ruth, and no one ever will again.