Tottenham Fans Get Their Club Back

Janine GillespieContributor INovember 9, 2008

As you all know we haven't had the best of times at the Lane recently, but since the arrival of 'Arry Redknapp, the whole place has taken on a new vitality from the dressing room to the fan forums.

I was on my fan forums, I use two forums, and you should have seen the sites on the Gooner draw (Bentley had an amazing goal against them lot up the Seven Sisters Road) and the Liverpool win—the picture used on this 'ere report. Just amazing.

There, however are a few things to ask yourselves about my beloved club.

1.  Why was Ramos taken in the first place?

2.  What the hell happened with the Keano sale? (This one I was upset with, as Keano was my fave player)

3. Is it a weird coincidence that both Jol at Hamburg and Ramos' old teams are doing better since they arrived/left the EPL?

It's a wonderful feeling that the team is back and doing what they do best, scaring the hell out of the opposition.

We have our Tottenham back!

Through thick and thin, I will be a lillywhite watching my team, even though I have wanted to kick a few players up the behind before now!

Let's hope we can keep it going!