Why Brett Favre Has Won Round One

Boris GodzinevskiCorrespondent IINovember 9, 2008

If Brett Favre retires at season's end, for real this time, he'd go out as a winner and rub dirt in the face of Packers management. Perhaps it's a gift not to be wasted.

Aside from two games this season, Favre has not carried his load for the 6-3 Jets. But who cares when the Jets have six wins next to the four they had all of last season?

Chances are the Jets will finish with at least an 8-8 record, which is the lowest of expectations most sports analysts had for them. A 10-6 record and a wild card berth, and the media will be in love with Favre, yet again.

Now I like Favre, but in all seriousness he's not going to be the reason for the Jets success. The team made many offseason acquisitions, and half of their wins have come from dummy teams. The Bungals, Rams, and Chiefs are nobody's sweethearts, and the first week win against Miami was a testament to the Dolphins' slow start.

Now the Dolphins are 5-4. Yes, last season's absolute worst team in the league is over .500 with, guess who? The Jets QB of last season, Chad Pennington.

We're not going to compare Favre with Pennington, although to be frank, Pennington has put up better stats on a lesser team this season.

No, like all Favre discussions over the last four months, we'll be yet again comparing him to Aaron Rodgers.

It's brutally unfair considering how well Rodgers has been performing, but wins are what the media swoon over, and fact is, the Pack is 4-5.

Does it matter that the Packers' schedule has been twice as strong due to their 13-3 record last season in comparison to the Jets' somewhat gimme matchups?

In truth, yes, but if the Jets finish 10-6 and make Wild Card, or even worse (for Rodgers), win the AFC East, and the Pack are standing 8-8 at season's end...


It won't even matter if Favre goes 10-25 with four picks in a Wild Card game against God knows what team, the headlines will read, "Favre Leads Lowly Jets to Playoffs in Swing Season" and "Rodgers Fails to Bring Pack Back to Contention."

It doesn't matter if a QB taking hold of a good team in his first season may not do as well as the last guy. The fact will remain that the Packers threw away the 2008 season and their franchise QB.

To rub salt in the wound, this is why every team with a legendary QB searches for the next Steve Young. He has been the last in so many seasons, to truly capture the glory of his Hall of Fame predecessor.