25 Sexiest Athlete Summer Bodies

Austin SchindelAnalyst IIAugust 9, 2011

25 Sexiest Athlete Summer Bodies

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    Hot, women in bikinis are every man’s dream. Check that; hot athletic women in bikinis are every man’s dream.

    As the summer winds down (say it aint so), the time to hit ht beach and spend those last few in the ocean are disappearing. These are women that we hope to run into on the beach for two reasons.

    First, they are professional athletes and it is always cool to run into a pro. Second, and more important, these are women that look amazing in bikinis. They are hotter than anyone else on the beach, and deserve our praise.

    Here are the top 25 hottest athlete summer bodies in sports. 

25. Jennifer Barretta

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    If someone comments and tells me that billiards is not a sport, I will refer you to Barretta.

    She has taken a game usually played by men of all ages and flipped it on its head. I would have tried a lot harder to get good at pool if I would have known that one day, she could have been my competition.

24. Bia and Branca Feres

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    I don’t think I have ever been more in love. These two TWIN SISTERS!!! Are Brazilian synchronized swimmers and of course models and actresses.

    I used to think that synchronized swimming was stupid, and then they told me that these two participated. 

23. Gina Carano

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    She is the face of women’s MMA and one of the hottest female athletes on the planet. While I know she will kick my ass if I say anything unflattering about her, there is not many bad things you can say.

    I hope number 23 on the list will suffice for her…please.

22. Maria Kirilenko

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    Her best finish came at the 2011 Australian Open, so look for this Russian bombshell to become a household name.

    Even if she cannot keep up the success, she still needs to become a household name because she looks so damn good in a bathing suit.

21. Amanda Beard

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    Beard is a seven time Olympic medalist and former two-time American Swimmer of the Year.

    I would assume that someone who spends so much time swimming would have a killer body and look great for beach season. Beard took that to a whole new level. 

20. Leryn Franco

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    She made her name in the javelin throw, and got on this list for having an incredible body. Who knew that throwing a stick through the air would produce such an amazingly athletic looking woman.

19. Gretchen Bleiler

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    She is a Superpipe specialist by trade and rocks the swimwear better than most. Like many of her fellow snowboarders, Bleiler has an uncanny ability to look better in a bikini than most summer athletes do.

18. Lindsey Vonn

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    Vonn is the premier female skier in the US, and has a sick body.

    My favorite part of her attire is the high boots. They are funny to look at, yet very practical. Hey, if I was wearing that little amount of clothing in the snow I’d want some extra protection myself. 

17. Julia Mancuso

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    She won the gold medal at Turin in 2006 for the Giant Slalom and for a reward, got to pose fireside on a giant (bear skin) rug.

    I wonder if those ski boots are comfortable to wear inside because that is a pretty unorthodox fireside attire.

16. Ana Ivanovic

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    The former number one ranked female tennis player in the world, Ivanovic also ranks high amongst the hottest female athletes.

    As the summer winds down, hopefully she is taking in the rays and showing off that incredible body.

15. Daniela Hantuchova

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    It appears that she had gotten in the summer spirit as she hangs out at the beach.

    Taking a break from her tennis game is perfectly fine with us, as long as she continues to spend time at the beach and lets us enjoy the view for a little longer.

14. Heather Mitts

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    Despite losing in the Women’s World Cup finals (curses!!), we still love Heather Mitts and the rest of the girls.

    I think we like them even more when they do photo shoots. I bet that more than one of the women on the team look like this, and we appreciate Mitts for showing us.

13. Stephanie Rice

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    She is an Australian swimmer who has won several gold medals, but none at the Olympics.

    She may not be a heralded Olympian, but I’m not going to hold that against her considering how good she looks in the picture. 

12. Caroline Wozniacki

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    She is the world’s number one ranked women’s player but finds herself a bit higher up on this list.

    I like a girl who doesn’t mind splashing around in the water from time to time, and in this photo, she seems to look as perfect as can be.

11. Kyra Gracie

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    Gracie comes from a family of fighters and has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

    Just typing scares the hell out of me. Despite being able to break most of us in half, she is still gorgeous and has one of the best summer bodies around. 

10. Niki Gudex

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    She is a professional mountain biker from Sydney, Australia. I always thought mountain biking was a hobby and not really a sport, but then again I think she would disagree.

    I love that it is a sport, because now she is eligible to make this list; it is really a win-win situation. 

9. Malia Jones

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    She is an American surfer who has one of the best bodies I have seen, well, ever.

    You may have seen her in commercials, SI, and People magazine. Now, she is gracing one of the most prestigious lists on all of Bleacher Report.

8. Danica Patrick

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    It is WELL documented that Danica Patrick is not a good racecar driver. That being said, who cares, we are not here to dissect her skills.

    What we are here to look at is that beach body, of which she has an amazing one. 

7. Natalie Gulbis

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    Gulbis is a golfer on the LPGA tour. Never heard of her? No problem, you are now formally introduced.

    She only has one career LPGA Tour win. Why am I still talking? Just look at her and take it all in.

6. Krystal Gray

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    LFL! LFL! LFL! That’s right, she is one of the wonderful women from the Lingerie Football League.

    These women are no joke; they play hard and hit harder. On top of being reckless hitters, they are all hot, tough women who look good in next to nothing.

5. Lokelani McMichael

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    She is the youngest woman ever to finish the Ironman competition, and her accomplishments have landed her in every health magazine known to man.

    As healthy as she is on the inside, her body doesn’t look to bad either. 

4. Maria Sharapova

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    The grunting sets her apart from many of the other female tennis players. Say what you will about it being a huge distraction, but I like it.

    She also shows us that being one of the most talented female tennis stars doesn’t mean you can't look very hot. She has one of the best athlete bikini bodies.

3. Alana Blanchard

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    She was voted one of the hottest surfers in the world, while also being one of the best.

    This photo of her proves that first part to be true. There is nothing I would like more than to be standing on that beach with someone that looks like this.

2. Lani Doherty

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    She has been surfing since she could walk, and possibly even before that.

    Surfers seem to just all look incredibly good. I suppose you are not going to see too many big people trying to get on a board that cuts through waves and do flips up in the air, but these women are seriously hot.

    Doherty is the next big name in surfing, so get to know her. In the mean time, just enjoy the present. 

1. Anastasia Ashley

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    There is nothing wrong with this woman. Period.

    She is a gorgeous surfer who spends all of her time on the beach and has my undivided attention.

    She really seems to have the full package and now has the BR Swagger crown as the best athlete bikini body.