Commotion Surrounding Lewis Hamilton

Janine GillespieContributor INovember 9, 2008

As in Prassana's article on the whole issue of Hamilton's arrogance, it has come to my attention that there are people who do not want to hear evil of this driver.

I noticed in the UK press that Lewis was moaning about colour/race around the Brazilian Grand prix and after.   Brazil has people of African / Caribbean decent and Caucasian decent, (see Pele and Rubens / Massa for examples).

The whole weekend and race was full of a rivalry between a local boy and the champion elect and this is a race of people who through being a Portuguese territory and other aspects are used to seeing people of varying colours of skin and to me that is not a problem.

Also there is the issue of on the final corner at Brazil with Vittel and Hamilton overtaking him and I did speak to family who are fellow F1 enthusiast and they also noticed was a bit wrong.  The more eagle eyed readers may realise that Sebastian drives a Torro Rosso which has a Ferrari engine? The plot thickens and most people in Britain as well as a bit curious of the rather suspect manner of that corner.

So fellow readers, what is your view on the driver Lewis Hamilton? is the UK press being so blatently biased about him or is there something a bit deeper and underhand at work?