SEC Schools Ranked by Tradition (with Some Pictures of Girls to Boot)

Chris HerrinContributor IAugust 8, 2011

SEC Schools Ranked by Tradition (with Some Pictures of Girls to Boot)

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    SEC football is filled with traditions such as Uga, the War Eagle, Rocky Top, houndstooth everything, etc.  

    Among this elite group, who has the best tradition?  

    What better way to look at which school has the most tradition than with some good ole' fashioned analysis and some pictures of pretty SEC girls representing their schools with pride?

12. Vanderbilt

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    No surprise here.  

    Although I respect Vanderbilt for its high academic prestige and its fans for their respect and well mannered conversations, there is little doubt that Vanderbilt is the red-headed stepchild when it comes to tradition and the SEC.  

    I love the school, love the people, but just not much tradition where it counts.

11. Kentucky

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    While Kentucky rules basketball season, football reigns supreme in the SEC, so that is where it really matters.  

    Kentucky has little in the way of tradition in the SEC.

    Although I have nothing personally against them, they just do not stack up against the more elite schools of the SEC.

10. Mississippi State

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    Coming in at No. 10, MSU shows that even if you have some good tradition, you still can wind up in the bottom half of the conference rankings in the SEC.  

    While MSU has some good tradition (cowbells—ugh), and would probably be ranked in the top half of other conferences, they just don't have what it takes to pull ahead of the other schools in the SEC.

9. South Carolina

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    I'll get some hate mail for this one, that's for sure.  

    But while today's SC fans will gripe at me over this, their relevance is a new concept in the SEC.  

    With the worst mascot in the SEC, it is hard to be considered the school with the best tradition.  

    That Cockaboose sure is pretty awesome, though.

8. Arkansas

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    Looking at these girls, it is hard to understand why they are only No. 8!  

    I mean—WOOOO PIG!  Hope I did that right, Razorback fans.  

    Arkansas is a school with plenty of tradition and a history of being relevant and competitive.  

    With their recent success, expect them to build upon their tradition in the years to come.

7. Auburn

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    This is the one I will get the most hate for.  

    Auburn fans, this is not an insult.  

    You have some great traditions with the War Eagle and Tiger Walk, but your stadium looks way too similar to Sanford, your mascot was stolen from LSU and it is just hard to play ball in the state of Alabama.  

    Once again, not an insult, just an opinion.  

    Whenever I've gone there, I have been impressed by their fans' congeniality and hospitality.  

    Auburn has one of the better winning traditions in the SEC, but the War Eagle just didn't cut it against the Top Six.

6. Florida

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    Goodness—why did I not go to Florida?  I can see the—ahem—appeal of the university and all of its students now.

    Florida comes in at No. 6.  

    They have one of the best winning traditions in college football, and the Gator is a supremely original and unique mascot, which matters a lot in my opinion.  

    While I do believe the Gator chomp is vastly overrated, Ben Hill Griffin remains one of the best stadiums in the country.  

    When you have Steve Spurrier and the most respected player of the past two decades (Tim Tebow), you have earned some respect.

5. Ole Miss

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    I know what you're thinking.  "But they are hardly ever relevant!"

    Well, if winning was all that mattered for tradition, then Boise State would have some pretty great tradition. It doesn't.  

    Ole Miss has Archie Manning (and Eli), the special speed limit, one of the best mascots in the nation (or at least, they used to) and the all-time best tradition in the SEC with tailgating in The Grove.  

    Having been there and seen it for myself, there is no SEC tradition that matches up the hospitality, class and tradition of the Grove.  That is why Ole Miss comes in at No. 5.

4. LSU

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    WOW.  Just—I hate you, LSU fans.  

    You are lucky. Be proud of your girls, because they have to be the best in the SEC, rivaled only by UF.  

    But on to more important matters.

    LSU has some great tradition that spreads over decades, including the tiger, the tiger's eye and misspelling words to make them French (it's a joke, people).  

    However, LSU gets this spot for its stadium.  

    Death Valley is the greatest college football stadium in the country.  

    Having gone down there for a game, I can tell you that I have never been so intimidated of a fanbase in my entire life.  

    They are crazy, but they sure can cook!

3. UGA

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    My alma mater comes in at No. 3.  Some Homerism?  Perhaps, but it is not a crazy ranking.  

    Athens is steeped in tradition, as the most recognizable mascot—Uga—stumbles around the stadium (love him or hate him).  

    With the history of Larry Munson, the greatest running back to ever play the game, and the trumpet solo before games, UGA certainly has its fair share of tradition to share with the SEC.  

    Hope to see ya'll at a game, and I'll show you some good ole fashioned Athens hospitality.

    Of note: I have had family or friends come up from every SEC school. The story is always the same.  My cousin from Baton Rouge came up for graduation a couple of months ago, and I heard the same review I always get, whether they are from Columbia, Auburn etc.  

    "I really don't understand how ya'll drink so much."

    Yea—a 6-7 season helps!

2. Tennessee

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    With the best fight song, second best stadium, and the most—ahem—"unique" colors in the SEC, Tennessee comes in at No. 2.  

    While some younger audiences may protest, with any knowledge of history, one can see why Tennessee deserves the No. 2 spot.  

    If you have never visited Knoxville, I strongly suggest doing so.  It is a great place to watch an SEC game, with some beautiful Tennessee girls to keep you company!

1. Alabama

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    With the prettiest picture so far, Alabama reigns supreme as usual as No. 1.  

    With their houndstooth obsession, a beautiful stadium, a rabid fanbase, the best winning tradition in the SEC and Rammer Jammer, Alabama shows why it is the staple SEC program.  

    Never in my life have I had a fanbase that was so polite as we beat them in overtime in their own stadium, or when they buried us in our own.  

    Say what you want about Alabama. There is no school that holds a candle to Alabama's tradition.