WWE: The Other WWE Championships Do Not Mean Anything Anymore

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIAugust 8, 2011

This is a quick article, and the title speaks for itself. Most, if not all of the other titles do not mean anything anymore in the WWE and for quite a while at that. 

The titles are not carried with any feeling or excitement. Let's take a look at who holds what titles currently.

Intercontinental Champion: Ezekiel Jackson  

Tag Team Champions: David Otunga and Micheal Mcgillicutty

WWE Divas Champion: Kelly Kelly

United States Champion: Dolph Ziggler 

No, no, your eyes are not fooling you at all. That is the list of the other titles. A very short list at that. 

The tag team titles have been unified and thus making them one set of belts. The Cruiserweight title has been gone ever since Hornswoggle won it. 

WWE has made those titles almost completely useless. Think about it, do any of those names scream out to people when you mention their names with the belts that they have?

Ziggler has shown that he is more than capable of having an incredible match. But as of late he has not shown up.

Jackson can be a real dominance in the ring, but can we see that as fans? This man was built to destroy his opponents in, yet he has been inept in the ring with weak opponents outside the handicap match with Rhodes and Dibiase.

Can WWE find anyone for him to contend with? Maybe they should have thought about that before they took Kane and Show out.

The tag team division is dead and there is no surprise with that. The Uso's have put on great matches with them, but there is no one else after that! WWE has to put random people together in order to even have a reason for the titles to exist.

Finally the Divas Division which is a huge joke. There are tons of Divas, only one title, and barley any of them are relevant to the company. WWE just released two of their best divas in Melina and Gail Kim. Gail quit, and they fired Melina. 

WWE for a long while have not made any of their titles outside the WWE and World Heavyweight titles even worth fighting for. There was a point in WWE where holding the Intercontinental Title was as huge of an honor as the WWE title.

Not anymore.

There have been signs that WWE will doing an overhaul with the tag team and diva's title and prey they do. They need to hire new tag teams and get that going again. Hire more Luchadores and/or Japanese people and bring back the Cruiserweight title.

At least I'm making suggestions for WWE because it appears at the moment that the titles are more like annoying props than titles.

Please WWE, make those title meaningful again. By doing so you have already solved your mid-card problems.

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