The Rock: 5 Reasons Why the Great One Has to Return at Survivor Series

TJ NagyAnalyst IIIAugust 9, 2011

The Rock: 5 Reasons Why the Great One Has to Return at Survivor Series

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    News has been circulating recently that The Rock might finally come back to the WWE this November at Survivor Series. When he does return, it'll obviously be to confront John Cena and get the ball rolling on their ultimate showdown at Wrestlemania.

    I know that the entire WWE universe is excited to see The Great One finally return, no matter when it occurs. Wrestlmania is continuing to inch closer and closer, and soon, arguably the biggest and most anticipated main event in WWE history will happen.

    Hopefully the road to Wrestlmania will begin on Nov. 20, 2011, at the one and only Madison Square Garden.

    All the pieces are in place for a Rock return, and seeing him back in the squared circle—no matter when it happens—is going to be quite an unforgettable moment. A Survivor Series return though would just be too good to be true.   

    November would give the WWE plenty of time to build up this ultimate showdown into something truly special. That's not the only reason though.

    Here's five more reasons why The Rock has to return at the Survivor Series this November.   

1. The Rock's First Match

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    The Rock wasn't always the awesome jabroni-beating, pie-eating movie star we know him as today. In fact, back when he first arrived in the WWE he was a pretty big dork with a terrible hairdo. 

    Still, when Rocky Maivia came down the ramp at Survivor Series and won his first ever match, it was the beginning of something legendary. In a couple months, The Rock would be born and history would be made.

    Now 15 years later, The Rock is still the most recognizable face in wrestling, and was a true trailblazer in turning this company into what it is today. The Rock has been on quite a journey in his life, and it's awesome to see him finally come full circle and return to where he first became an icon.  

    A new chapter in that journey is going to happen very soon, and it's only fitting that The Rock comes back to where it all began. 

    Survivor Series at Madison Square Garden.  

2. The Rock 's First WWE Championship

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    There are very few things I still remember about being an eight-year-old kid. But the one thing that has never left me was watching my hero, The Rock, finally win his first WWE title at the 1998 Survivor Series.

    And then going on to join The Corporation in one of the biggest and most surprising turns of the attitude era. 

    Now, I'm certainly not expecting something like that to happen again, but like the first slide, it's only fitting for The Rock to return to the PPV that turned him into a bona fide star. Several months after his first championship victory, he would headline his first of many Wrestlmanias.

    Another Wrestlemania main event is creeping up slowly for The Rock, but Survivor Series would certainly be a great place to start the huge buildup.  

3. Madison Square Garden

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    There's only one Madison Square Garden.

    It's the Mecca of wrestling, it's where the first Wrestlmania was hosted, it's the home of some of the greatest memories in wrestling history. 

    And it's now the host of a huge Survivor Series event on Nov. 20.

    However, if this event wants to go down as an unforgettable part of MSG's rich history, there's one thing that will most certainly do that. It's the long-awaited return of The Peoples' Champion.

    This may be the last opportunity we'll ever get to see The Rock in the world's most famous arena, and in many ways it would truly symbolize exactly what the Garden stands for in the world of professional wrestling. It's a place where moments are created and legends are born.

    Or, in The Rock's case, reborn. 

4. Add Some Life to a Dying PPV Franchise

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    For years, Survivor Series was a huge PPV for the WWE, and along with Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania and Summerslam, it was considered one of the "big four."

    Lately though, this once-successful PPV franchise has become quite stale and lousy. The classic Survivor Series elimination tag match has lost any momentum and fun it once carried with it, and rumors have even been circulating that the WWE is thinking of dropping the event altogether.

    Probably to make room for a another pointless gimmick PPV. 

    The problem is simple. Big moments just don't seem to happen at Survivor Series anymore. Those moments are now reserved for the other three big PPV events. When Wade Barrett is the only wrestler on your promotional poster, you know you've got a pretty big problem on your hands. 

    The other problem is that because of the lack of enthusiasm, the hype has simply disappeared. While Summerslam, Royal Rumble and of course Wrestlemania continue to be pushed through the roof every time they roll around, Survivor Series has become just another monthly PPV attraction that costs 50 bucks. The legacy of what the Survivor Series once stood for is all but gone.

    Of course, that could all change with an appearance by The Rock, which would make it his first Survivor Series in 10 years. Plus, if the WWE can hype it up beforehand there's no doubt that the buy rates would go through the roof. 

    The Rock's return would be an excellent way to breathe life into the once-prestigious PPV event. Plus, it would give the fans a moment to remember forever and would ensure a very profitable night for the company. 

5. The Rock + Holiday Season = $$$

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    Continuing from the last slide, the WWE knows how to make a profit. It also knows the return of The Great One has been a huge revenue generator so far, and he hasn't even wrestled a match yet.

    What better way to continue on with this money train than bringing The Rock back just in time for the holiday season.

    WWE merchandise has always been a key component to its success, and I'm sure that fans will be more than excited to get their hands on as much Rock stuff as they can once he's back in the ring. Obviously, you can't be in Team Bring It unless you buy the $30 shirt to prove it. 

    The Rock has always been a profitable superstar in the WWE, and if he can return just in time for the Christmas shopping rush, there's no doubt the money will come pouring in. 


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    Survivor Series was the home of The Rock's first match, his first championship win and will be hosted this year by the greatest arena in the world, Madison Square Garden.

    Seriously, how perfect would Survivor Series be for The Rock's highly anticipated comeback?

    The Rock has always been a huge reason for the WWE's current success, and a return of this caliber should be considered one of the most legendary moments in recent history.

    The return of The Rock will sell tickets by itself, and Survivor Series would be the perfect place and platform to finally bring him back into the squared circle. Who knows, maybe he'll even wrestle a match and really breathe some life back into the stale Survivor Series franchise.

    All other things aside, The Rock is a true entertainer, and if he's ready by November, I can't possibly see a reason why the WWE wouldn't want to create a truly historic moment at the Garden.  

    I just hope Team Bring It is ready.