Jets-Rams: New York Dispose of St. Louis, Set Sights on Patriots

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent INovember 9, 2008

After a 47-3 trouncing of the St. Louis Rams in front of their fans today in New Jersey, the New York Jets now stand at a stellar 6-3 on the season. 

The offense, led by Thomas Jones, who ran all over the Rams defense for three touchdowns, clicked everywhere that was needed.  Brett Favre, while not having an incredible game, led the team from the first snap, and the rest of the offense followed suit in a dominating performance. 

The defense, once again, was borderline unbeatable.  Darrelle Revis made Torry Holt look lost on the field. Kerry Rhodes had an interception and a fumble recovery and Calvin Pace returned another fumble for a touchdown.

The rest of the defense, even without star David Harris, looked something like the Ravens unit that led them to a Super Bowl years ago. 

The special teams were stellar as usual with Leon Washington giving the Jets half of a field to work with for most of the game. 

To make a long story short, the Jets dominated in every aspect of the game, and silenced the critics who thought that they would lose to the Rams in a trap game before two huge matches against the Patriots and the Titans

The real questions are though, first, did the Jets just look great at the expense of a team that will probably be picking around the top five again in next year's NFL Draft? 

Also, can the Jets look this good against the Patriots in a huge division game in New England in front of a hostile crowd? 

The answers?  The Jets won 47-3, and no matter how good or terrible a team is, 47-3 is 47-3.  It equals domination in every aspect of the game.  In addition, the Jets most certainly can duplicate this performance Thursday night. 

First off, there is a short week of practice upcoming, which means that a hot team will get on the field sooner.  All of the momentum is currently with the Jets, which could even make them a favorite while being on the road in this game. 

Secondly, the Patriots, yes, they are 6-3 as well, but they have not looked nearly as good as the Patriots of old.  They have barely squeaked by some average teams, such as the Rams, and when challenged, they have come up lame, as huge losses against the Dolphins and the Colts have shown in recent games. 

Yes, they beat a solid Buffalo team today, but, while not jumping off the Bills bandwagon, they are slowly showing that they are not as good as many people thought they were. 

Third, the Jets want revenge for a tough 19-10 loss earlier in the year to the Patriots, when the Jets barely showed up. Yet, they barely lost the game.  They now have a three game winning streak on their side, and are quickly operating as a team in every aspect of the game. 

Finally, Eric Mangini wants to stomp down his old team, where he was an assistant for six years, and he will come up with a game-plan that will make this happen. 

While still not being the best coach in the league by any means, in recent weeks he has learned what makes the players play to the best of their abilities, and he deserves some credit for this. 

So, will the Jets go up to New England, and take over control of a division dominated by the Patriots in recent years?  The answer is yes. 

Brett Favre will lead the team to victory, and he will prove yet again that he was worth the risk in getting him to lead a talented Jets squad. 

The score will be 28-24 Jets, and this will be the stepping stone to bigger and better things for the Jets down the line.