CM Punk: 10 Post-Wrestling Career Ideas for the Current WWE Champ

Jon Fisher@@Jonfisher21Correspondent IIAugust 9, 2011

CM Punk: 10 Post-Wrestling Career Ideas for the Current WWE Champ

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    CM Punk is the hottest commodity in wrestling right now.  Already a WWE Triple Crown winner, multi-time world title winner and arguably the next "megastar" in the company, CM Punk has a vast future ahead of him that not many could have predicted. 

    The voice of the voiceless, at 32 years of age, is in his prime and has at least eight to 10 years left in wrestling.  It is always a hot topic to discuss what the superstars of the company do once they retire from in-ring competition.

    Retired wrestlers have many options to turn to. These range from announcing, acting, writing a novel, to even starting up a wrestling business. 

    Here is a brief look at a few WWE superstars' projects after wrestling: 

    Edge: A potential WWE Hall of Famer, Edge retired from the WWE this past April due to a serious spinal condition.  He has appeared in shows and movies such as Mind of Mencia, MadTV, and the movie Highlander. Currently, Edge is displaying his acting skills in the new TV series Haven.  Edge's last WWE appearance was at Extreme Rules, as he watched Christian earn his first major title in the WWE. 

    Jerry "the King" Lawler: Jerry Lawler is a legend in the wrestling industry.  He has won more championships than I can even count.  The king has been a color commentator for the WWF/E since 1992.  He is still a part-time wrestler, most noted for his feud with Michael Cole at Wrestlemania. 

    Ricky Steamboat: The WWE Hall of Famer has accomplished many feats in the WWE.  Steamboat gave the WWE Universe one of the greatest matches in history at WresleMania III against Macho Man Randy Savage.  Right now, Steamboat trains future superstars at FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling), which is considered the minor leagues for the WWE. 

    In this slideshow, I will be giving all of my fans across the nation, AND THE MILLIONS of Bleacher Creatures 10 ideas for CM Punk after he retires from in-ring competition. 

    Let's start off this list with...

1. WWE Commentator

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    The infamous "diet soda," incident would never have been born if WWE creative didn't strike on a genius idea. 

    CM Punk was put on the shelf just after Bragging Rights with a hip injury.  Instead of taking time off and resting up, WWE decided to put Punk on commentary with Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. 

    Dominating at that position, Punk was quite comfortable behind the desk calling the action and even sneaking a Colt Cabana t-shirt under his sport coat. 

    After he is done wrestling, I'm sure Brooks has a home on commentary displaying his fabulous mic skills.

2. Actor

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't a movie deal in Punk's contract? 

    TV storyline or reality, Punk should have been in a WWE film already.  The charisma is there and his natural flow of mic skills is off the charts.  I might get blasted for this, but John Cena's movies are pretty good and he can definitely act. 

    CM Punk has the ability to become a successful actor and even make a movie, entitled The Chaperone 2. 

    Still, it will be funny and successful.

3. WWE Creative Team

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    The WWE Universe witnessed CM Punk's return to Monday Night Raw in order to change the said "status quo."  Being a part of the WWE creative team would do justice and he could be successful in changing the status quo. 

    In the famous shoot-promo, he referred to Vince McMahon's creative team as a bunch of "yes-men."  WWE is a business Punk loves and respects dearly.  If he truly wants to help improve the business and make it fun again, WWE creative is the place to be.

    Just imagine Punk giving himself the title, just like Vince Russo did.

4. Write a Book About Experiences

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    I haven't read the books by Chris Jericho, but I have heard they are exceptional pieces.  He is successful at most things he tries and Punk, so far, has shown the same consistency. 

    Punk could detail the finer situations he went through from his start at the bottom to the very top where he sits now. 

    Maybe he could finish his shoot-promo that got cut off on Raw over a month ago.

5. Work His Way Up Through WWE Brass

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    Like I noted a few slides ago, CM Punk could rejuvenate this business with fresh ideas and utilize talent the WWE refuses to exercise. 

    Tyson Kidd, Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler, Scotty Goldman, and the list could keep on going. 

    If the rumor of Punk having more creative control is true, then the process of gaining McMahon's trust is starting.  CM Punk knows who can be a big player in the WWE and he needs a chance to broadcast his skills. 

    Moving his way up the ladder in WWE could only lead to bigger and brighter things for the whole business.

6. WWE Talent Recruiter

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    Colt Cabana, Beth Phoenix's push, Daniel Bryan's Money in the Bank victory and Zack Ryder's weekly TV appearances highlight the judge of talent CM Punk possesses. 

    If Punk knows one thing it is this:  true wrestling ability.  Triple H has started to recruit talent from other organizations, most notably Sin Cara.  We have yet to see if the signing will be a success or not. 

    The truest test for Punk will be Colt Cabana.  Once known as Scotty Goldman, Cabana is Punk's best friend and had a brief stint with WWE before, which fell through the cracks.  For all of the ROH fans out there, if Cabana is as good as people say, Punk has an eye for talent. 

    Brooks could make a name for himself as a talent recruiter once he retires.  Heck, he is doing it while he wrestles.

7. FCW Trainer

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    Revert back to the introduction and you will already know where this slide is going. 

    Ricky Steamboat is a legend in this business and one of the best wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots.  All clichés aside, the man knows his way around the squared circle. 

    Steamboat is a developmental trainer down at FCW to help the younger superstars become the next (insert legend here). 

    CM Punk is regarded as one of the best wrestlers in this business today.  From Ring of Honor to TNA and eventually in WWE, they call him the ring general.

    Punk could help the superstars of tomorrow by showing them what he learned throughout his tenure in pro wrestling, and possibly a few mic lessons as well.

8. Stand-Up Comedian

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    I'll be the first one to say it:  CM Punk is funny.  He knows how to entertain the crowd heel, face or anti-hero.  Some of his lines are priceless and original. 

    If you don't believe me, here is a YouTube video of CM Punk insulting Vince McMahon.  Also, if any of you remember the Raw GM, here is a moment when Punk handled the anonymous general manager in Cole's absence

    This was a stretch, because not many WWE superstars are naturally funny.  There is Triple H and Shawn Michaels during their run with DX, just to name a couple.  I recommend watching the DX Presidential Address on YouTube once you get a moment.

9. Create Own Wrestling Business/Dungeon

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    In the past, superstars have left the company because they haven't liked the direction the business was heading.  Dave Batista is one that comes to mind.  He didn't feel that the company was using him properly and he wasn't a fan of the direction the WWE was heading towards. 

    In essence, he hated the PG bull and decided to book.  CM Punk had that same problem, but he stayed to help make the WWE fun again. 

    After he retires, if Punk is sick and tired of the same old song and dance, he could open his own wrestling business or dungeon.  Brooks is straight-edge and his only addiction is pro wrestling. 

    He could open the next Hart Family Dungeon or even a new and improved WCW, just without Vince Russo.

10. Host Tough Enough

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    I could only imagine the look on some hardcore Stone Cold fans' faces when this slide popped open.  This might be the best option of the whole slideshow for one reason:  CM Punk could actually wrestle with the contestants. 

    I'm not taking anything away from Stone Cold; he has an injury that limits him in the ring.  From one Stone Cold fan's opinion, he did an amazing job on that show. 

    The contestants could learn from in-ring action with Punk that they couldn't get from Stone Cold.  Granted, Austin showcased his mic skills for all to see and Punk has the same ability. 

    This turned out to be another big debate.  Who would be a better host for Tough Enough, CM Punk or Stone Cold?


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    This slide concludes one of the most controversial articles in some time.  Strictly opinionated, I judge CM Punk's career options off of past superstars' decisions and success rates.

    Nobody can be the Rock and make a ton of bad Disney movies, but Jericho seems to be doing nicely on his time off. 

    He participated in Dancing with the Stars, which I watched none of.  He is an accomplished author and is the lead singer of the rock band Fozzy 

    Edge is succeeding in the acting market and most likely won't stop there.  Expect him in another movie soon, depending on the talent he displays in Haven.

    Reality check: there are plenty of things for Phil Brooks to do once he stops wrestling.  Once he is done stomping mud holes, entertaining the millions AND MILLIONS across the world, being the best in the world at what he does and living the straight-edge lifestyle, CM Punk will be successful at whatever he does. 

    Now, you, the Bleacher Creatures, tell me what career Punk should pursue after in-ring competition passed him up. 

    Please comment below and if you happened to like the slideshow, hit me up with some props below. 


    That's right.  I'm a Paul Heyman guy.