Pope's Impact: Pope to Win the Bound for Glory Series?

Tyson JonesSenior Analyst IIIAugust 7, 2011

Now, this may seem like a shock to think about. While nobody can deny The Pope D'Angelo Dinero is awesome in the ring and on the mic, he hasn't really been involved with anything of note as of late. He is currently feuding with Devon.

Now, when you look at the standings of the BFG, you're gonna be shocked. Devon has a total of 30 points, at the time of this writing, and has defeated Samoa Joe, Bully Ray, and A.J. Styles, to name a few of his victims.

The Pope, has a total of 10 points, winning a match at a house show for 7, and later, gaining 3 via a DQ over Samoa Joe. This puts The Pope above just Samoa Joe, (who has -10 points,) and Matt Morgan (only because he's out with an injury.) A long fall for a man, who at one point, was challenging for the World Title.

So, how does Pope win the BFG with such a low score? Well, let's look at things. Pope and Devon have had a little feud about Devon not trusting The Pope, who's been hanging with Devon's family, as his sons are fans of The Pope. Now, why would these two have any type of interaction, if something wasn't set up for them in the BFG?

We have filler guys already. Bully Ray, Scott Steiner, (and some would even say Gunner and A.J.) None of these men has a storyline for the BFG. All the other names have some stake in this.

Devon and The Pope have their feud, Crimson has his undefeated streak, Beer Money have both been profiled on wanting to win the World Title, and some would argue A.J. has a stake in this, but I see him and Daniels being involved in something not with the World Title.

No, I see The Pope coming in to take victory. Now, how does that happen? Well, say Dinero beats Devon clean tonight for seven points. Maybe, Devon gets upset,maybe makes a claim he wasn't focused, and Devon asks for a rematch but Dinero won't oblige, out of respect for Devon's boys.

Finally, Devon puts all of his points, plus the 7-to-10 for a usual victory, in one last match against The Pope.

Pope can either: A. Turn heel during the match and win via dirty tactics, or B. Stay face and win the match and Devon's respect. That victory would give Pope anywhere from 37 to 40 points. Add that to D'Angelo's current score of 10 and The Pope could potentially end up with 50 points.

However, just because I've not seen Pope gain a submission win, we'll say Pope ends with 47, due to his 10, plus Devon's 30, and the 7 for the pinfall victory.

Now, I'm sure several people could come up with ways for their favorite in the tourney to win, and that's fine. I'm not ashamed to mark out for The Pope, but I do believe he's a main-event talent, and can win this series-if not, at the very least, he can make it to the final four.

Pope's never been one to count out of a tournament. He won the 8 Card Stud last year, and made it to the final four in the Championship Tournament before the rise of Immortal.

This is purely speculation mind you, but looking over it, I think it makes a good amount of sense, and I see no reason Pope couldn't main-event Bound for Glory. Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think.