21 of the Most Controversial Goals and Disallowed Goals in NHL History (Video)

Tom Urtz Jr.@@TomUrtzJrContributor IAugust 8, 2011

21 of the Most Controversial Goals and Disallowed Goals in NHL History (Video)

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    Throughout the history of the NHL, there are many memorable moments. Some of these moments have made players famous and larger than life. 

    However, there are also games surrounded in infamy because of some controversial goals that were scored or disallowed.

    The NHL has seen many goals over the years. Some of these have been game tying, game winning, and goals that shouldn't have occurred at all.

    This slideshow will take a look at some of the most controversial goals and non-goals in NHL history. Some of these slides will include moments that led up to a goal that shouldn't have counted.

    The best way to explain this is to go ahead to slide one.

1. Wayne Gretzky Scores Against Toronto Maple Leafs in Playoffs After High Stick

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    The video is pretty self explanatory. Wayne Gretzky got away with a high stick on Doug Gilmour. The referees got together, a penalty wasn't called and Gretzky played it off like it never happened.

    Lo and behold, Gretzky would go on to score a game changing goal that wouldn't have happened if he had been penalized for a high stick.

2. Winnipeg Jets Glove Puck into Net

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    The mere fact that this was called a goal is completely ludicrous. I can't believe that the Jets got away with this.

    When the decision was announced, Coach Suter was pissed. So he did what any calm,collected, and level-headed coach would do in a situation like this, he climbed over the bench and he ran across the ice to confront the referee over his decision.

    I still have no idea how this happened and I guess no one ever will know. 

3. Mike Richards Goal Waived off Against the Flames

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    Mike Richards appeared to score a game winning goal against the Calgary Flames. However it was waived off because Chris Pronger was called for goalie interference. 

    It was a hard call to make because Pronger didn't make contact with the goalie.

    There is many different interpretations of the "Avery" rule so I could see where the referees could be coming from. I have seen worse infractions not called but that is just me.

    What do you think?

4. Brett Hull's Skate in the Crease

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    This is probably the most controversial goal in NHL history and you have to feel for Dominik Hasek. Hasek has been on the receiving end of some terrible goal calls during his tenure in the NHL.

    If you think this goal was bad, a controversial goal in a future slide will make you feel even worse for Dominik Hasek. Hasek seems to always get the short end of the stick and it makes you really feel bad for the Dominator. 

5. Henrik Sedin "Kicks" the Puck

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    This goal is another one of these goals that is circumstantial at best. Players skate across the crease in attempts to create scoring chances.

    In this clip Henrik Sedin made contact with the puck, but it is questionable whether or not he had a distinct kicking motion in deflecting the puck.

    What do you think about this goal? Should it have counted or did the referees get it right?

6. Martin Gelinas and Calgary Flames Are Robbed

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    This video clearly shows from 5:15-5:17 that the puck is in the net. Had this goal counted, the Flames could have won the Stanley Cup that night.

    However, many feel that the Calgary Flames were robbed. Looking at the evidence what do you think?

    I can only wonder how this could have changed history. The Stanley Cup win for the Lightning was the biggest moment in their young history and if they didn't win, it could have impact hockey in the south forever.

    However we can't live in the past and we must continue on in our journey through controversial goals and non goals.

7. Marty Brodeur: Interference or No Interference

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    This was a buzzer beating goal that crossed the line with 0.2 seconds left on the clock. The question on many fans minds is should this goal have counted?

    I remember watching this goal live and knowing that the fans would be pissed.Brodeur was moving across the crease attempting to gain sight of the puck, he was bumped by a Carolina player, lost his balance, and couldn't get back into position to line up for the shot. 

    I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

8. Marian Hossa Denied Goal

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    Marian Hossa clearly had a goal but the referee blew the whistle very early. The Red Wings were cheated out of this goal.

    Another slide has Marian Hossa being credited with a goal. I wonder if that goal was payback for this one.

    Referees have a tough job but video review should be expanded to cover scenarios like this.

9. Dominik Hasek Is Cheated Again

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    Misfortune and mental anguish strikes the Dominator again !

    I appologize for the low quality of this video but the circle drawn at the bottom half of the left corner helps explain what happened.

    John Leclair took a shot that went in a hole from the outside of the net. The goal was never reviewed and Dominik Hasek was cheated for a second straight year in a row.

10. Chad Larose Is Robbed by the Goal Judge Upstairs

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    This goal appears to be a no brainer. It hits the post, off the other post and rolls into the white area behind the goal line and there was enough time left on the clock.

    Nonetheless, Chad Larose appears to have been robbed from a crucial NHL playoff goal. What do you think about the Larose goal? 

11. Was Jacque Lemaire Offside?

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    Guy Lafleur is one of the greatest goal scorers in NHL history. He has won a plethora of Stanley Cups with the Montreal Canadiens and he had many great moments. This moment however is viewed to be controversial by some.

    Lafleur scores this goal off a nice drop pass by Jacque Lemair. The pass was quick and set Lafleur up for a one-timer.

    Many people including Don Cherry feel that Lemair was offside and this goal should have never counted.

    What do you think?

12. Canucks Cheated out of a Goal

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    This is one of the worst calls I have seen. I remember watching this live and even though I am a Rangers fan, I knew the puck was in.

    However as the video highlights, somehow it was not a goal.

13. Chris Kunitz vs Ottawa Senators

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    This is a goal that could have gone either way. There was a lot of jostling for position in front of the net by the Penguins and the Ottawa Senators. This jostling led to the net being removed from its moorings.

    It is unclear which team knocked it off whether by intent or by accidental movement. What is clear is that fans view this goal as controversial. 

    What do you think?

14. Pittsburgh Cheats the Hurricanes

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    I don't think words can describe how wrong this call is. I will let the video explain it for you.

15. Joel Otto

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    This footage is a bit old so it is blurry. However Joel Otto appears to have kicked the puck into the net and it generated a lot of controversy.

    Whether it was accidental or on purpose many fans still lament over this goal.

16. Daniel Briere Scores !!!! or Does He?

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    Mike Richards and Daniel Briere are making their second appearance on this list. Briere appears to tip in a buzzer beating goal but replay decided otherwise. 

    Taking a look at the video I thought it was a good goal but it takes more than one viewing to see what actual happens. What do you think? Was this a good or bad goal?

17. Martin Hanzal Bats It in

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    This goal infuriated the Los Angeles Kings and especially their head coach. This is what he had to say about the goal

    "I don't know why we have video replay in the National Hockey League." - L.A. Kings head coach Terry Murray

    What do you think about this goal?

18. NBC Needs to Get the Clock Right

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    This goal was very controversial for the many fans watching at home. The Rangers appeared to have scored a goal but the official clock was not in sync with the clock on NBC. 

    By mere sight, this appeared to be a goal but video review proved to disallow this goal.

    Nonetheless, Rangers fans were very pissed and felt like they just got impaled in the nether region after hearing the outcome.

19. Manny Maholtra vs the Columbus Blue Jackets

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    This video clearly shows Manny Maholtra guiding the puck across the goal line with his skate. Coincidental? I don't think so.

20. May Day, May Day, the Referees Need Their Eyes Checked

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    This goal is clearly in the back off the net and Brad May knew it once he shot it. You can clearly see this in the back left side. The referees and video goal judges truly need their eyes checked if they couldn't tell that wasn't a goal. 

    The Red Wings seem to always catch the short end of the stick in these situations and it really isn't fair.

21. Marian Hossa Puts It Through the Uprights

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    (Sarcastic commentary) The Chicago Bears are in 4th and long situation, Marian Hossa sets up for the kick, its up and good, three points for Marian Hossa.

    This was a very bad call and it is clearly evident that Hossa guided this in with a distinct kicking motion. I guess the refs felt bad that he got screwed back in Detroit.


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    This list was tough to compile and I would like to thanks everyone who gave me some perspective when compiling this list.

    Did I miss a goal or two? If you can post a goal with a link, I can add it to the slideshow.

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