Blocked Field Goals, Better Coaching

Nik ScaliseContributor INovember 9, 2008

I have never played a down of football other than flag football and pee-wee.  I am struggling to understand how any field goal inside a kickers easy range can be blocked as it goes over the line of scrimmage.

Case in point, the Alabama vs LSU game.  Alabama risked losing the game outright on Saturday as winning field goal in regulation was blocked.

Now I do not know much about the X and O's but is it illegal to snap the ball further back?  Why don't these teams who are kicking short field goals to win games move back 2-3 yards so they have no issue with jumping defensive lineman?

Clearly players could run around the outside a bit easier but I think it is worth the risk.

This article is pointless if there are rules about field goal kicking proximity to line of scrimmage but if not, I find it crazy that these coaches do not make short kicks a few yards longer.