Nicolas Anelka: Prolific Striker Or a Lucky Get?

Nel BoiContributor INovember 9, 2008

Anelka, Chelsea's still new signing is leading their scoring charts and has indefinitely been Chelsea's main goal scoring asset. However, can this experienced Frenchman in his old age, an ancient football guru, actually score a decent goal?

From what we've seen of him at Chelsea, that superb goal scoring technique has simply been wiped from his football boots, removed from his game and replaced by his new found way of shooting, the lucky tap in from three to four yards.

Is this what thousands of cheering fans come to see, if they're not silent at Chelsea as per usual. No, I presume it's not. Who wants to see a lucky tap in when you can see A Geovanni strike from outside the area. So, in other words, a little tip to all you Chelsea fans. Leave London and go live up in Hull. Your new team may not be top of the table, but at least you'll see some great goals.

After finishing this short article about Chelsea's Anelka we decided to interview Anelka asking him if he was still that prolific striker OR just a lucky get who taps it through the goalkeepers legs.

He responded with, "Is this some kind of joke, 'Low it man, it' not f***ing right, is you dizzee or summit, just f*** off yerrr!?". The kind words of a footballer? An inspiration to youngsters all over the country? I think not!