Packers-Vikings: Mike McCarthy's Three Minutes of Infamy

Carter BierwirthContributor INovember 9, 2008

I'm not quite sure about everyone else, but the performance that I saw from not only the Green Bay offense, but Head Coach Mike McCarthy was one of the most insanely disappointing I have seen in years.

Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy was one for taking pride in effective gameplay. This week's devastating loss to the Minnesota Vikings has seriously rattled my faith in the up-and-coming playcaller.

Aaron Rodgers had a dismal day in the Metrodome. The young quarterback showed stiff resolve in the face of a deadly pass rush from the Vikings' defense. Jarred Allen certainly showed his skills in sacking Rodgers twice, once for a safety.

I will give Rodgers his due credit, however, for with all the punishment that he was given throughout that game, he still managed to stay on the field. The real disappointment is the offensive line. Not only did they make several key penalties, but they failed to protect Rodgers in almost any way whatsoever.

Green Bay's defense and special teams played a very tough game. It is thanks to players like Charles Woodson, Nick Collins, and Will Blackmon that Green Bay manage to stay competitive during the contest.

The largest annoyance in my mind this week was the performance of Mike McCarthy in the last three minutes of the game.

The wasted timeout granted by an unneeded challenge was the first big mistake made by the head coach throughout the game. Had the Packers won the challenge, the Vikings would have managed to keep the ball on the one-yard line and effectively waste another minute before punching in the score.

Thank god for McCarthy the play wasn't reversed. Though it didn't matter much after the next blunder. Green Bay was given a good starting position, thanks to another wonderful return by Will Blackmon. With the ball on the 42-yard line, Rodgers managed to connect with Driver on a miraculous reception for the first down.

Now down past midfield, McCarthy calls for two running plays in a row, effectively wasting two downs and giving Mason Crosby a rather ineffective edge. A very ineffective pass attempt to Driver inched them slightly closer to the goal posts but still left the developing Crosby with a 52-yard attempt.

Seeing that ball inch wide right felt like one of the sharpest daggers possible plunging into the heart of this Packer team, and it's a day that I'm sure McCarthy will remember.

As a fan, I like what Mike McCarthy has brought to the Packer organization. He has managed to bring a good deal of respect back to the team and manage to win several big games. Yet, this recent loss has really put a dent in my belief in his play-calling ability.

My hat goes off to the Packers' defense for performing as well as they did to stay competitive. Rodger's performance was dead, thanks to miscommunication, penalties, and the lack of any protection at all.

Green Bay now stands at 4-5, a position that not many fans were expecting after the last several games. They face a big battle with Chicago next week, and it is certainly a game that McCarthy better pray that he wins.

McCarthy lost a good deal of respect in my mind today, as has the Packers' offense. I sure hope that Rodgers manages to come out of the next few games with his head on after the commitment that his boys in front managed to give him today.