Brazilian GP: Fun For Fans But How For Teams and Drivers?

Mustafa SariContributor INovember 30, 2016

What a race.A tragedy or a Film when we watch TV or a movie we can see these kind of scenes at Hollywood Films.

When I watched the race, I was cool for the weather but weather made its first trick before warm up lap and that made a little chaos at engineers and pit crew of whole teams. I think they wanted the rain stop and race for glory.

But some teams have to protect themselves from chaos.Ferrari and Mclaren have to  maximise their points.

At start everything was normal but for Kimi and Heikki, they have to think about their team mates so it was much harder for them. Then the Joker of F1 came along: The Safety Car.

But this time safety car didn't make chaos so this shows that teams thinks more secure than usual.The accident of DC and Nakajima gave chance Alonso and Vettel to rise near Massa than these three become the fastest group of the grid.

At Ferrari, Kimi was fourth and Massa was 1th and Mclarens were behind them so they feel secure when we see on TV. But Lewis didn't have the pace of the front runners so that was unexpected for Ron Dennis and rest of his team. This time MP4-23 didn't have the grip of the Ferrari and Renault also Heikki again struggled with brakes and heavy fuel so this was the end of the Mclaren's constructor's glory.

Than everything went as a tradition so last few laps were not good for Fans than Weather gave a ultimate alarm for teams except Toyota, everybody switched dry tyres to wet tyres but before last lap we can see Toyota defeated Mclaren with tactics and Glock got one more place and went ahead of Hamilton. That moment Vettel was behind Lewis because he had more stops than he passed Lewis so Toyota's gamble was right and Toro Rosso was faster than the Merc.

But the rain started to get heavier and Glock had nothing to do,he didn't have the pace of others so he slowed down than Felipe Massa finished as Champion but Lewis passed non-grip Glock and become the new world champion so the race ended a last time tragedy for Ferrari But a last time chance for Mclaren. And Williams, bmw sauber, and red bull was nowhere on the race. Sebastian Bourdais didn't have luck again after accident with Trulli so rest of the field was lost. Only top eight was on hand.

For fans this was a fantastic season finish and very excited things for international media. But for teams especially for Ferrari and Mclaren that was the hardest race of their life's.

In conclusion,Chaos and weather gave fun to us but we must remember that lewis was defeated by toyota tactically if the rain didn't come harder for dry tyred glock so the race showed how hard the F1 racing is.