Liverpool FC: Analysing Each Position

Des CookeContributor IIIAugust 7, 2011

Liverpool FC: Analysing Each Position

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    Liverpool have always lacked depth in their squad during the Rafa Benitez era, but recently, under Kenny Dalglish, Liverpool have addressed these depth problems and now boast one of the best squads in the Premier League.

    I am going to go through each of the positions and choose the player that I think will start for Liverpool for most of the Premier League and in the bigger games. This article is assuming Liverpool play a 4-2-3-1, the formation used in their friendly match against Valencia.

The Left Back: Fabio Aurelio

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    Liverpool have craved a good left back for years, and all that time, we have had a world-class one. Unfortunately, he is incapable of playing more than 20 games a season, meaning that this year, Kenny Dalglish was forced to bring players up from the academy to fill in this position. Fortunately all the academy products excelled, meaning Dalglish may not buy a left back at all.

    I do think we need to buy a left back, but when Aurelio isn't injured he is world class, so I think he will be the first-choice left back.

    Alternatives: Jack Robinson, Glen Johnson.

The Centre Backs: Martin Kelly and Daniel Agger

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    This will probably be the choice in which most people disagree with me, but I genuinely think that Kelly has the edge on Jamie Carragher. In preseason, Carragher has looked slow and tired, whereas in the match against Valencia, Kelly looked fast and very alert.

    Many people think that we need to buy a centre back but I think that we have plenty of options in Carra, Skrtel, Kelly, Agger and Soto. I think that two of these young center backs could form a fantastic partnership. They would also be great going forward, posing an offensive threat too. 

    That is why I think Agger and Kelly will be our first-choice centre backs.

    Other options: Cara, Soto and Skrtel.

The Right Back: Glen Johnson

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    Glen Johnson was purchased for £17.5 million from Portsmouth, a transfer that many people thought was completed because Portsmouth owed Liverpool money after signing Peter Crouch. The transfer was not met with much enthusiasm as Johnson was thought to be weak in defence.

    This prediction turned out to be true as Johnson made numerous errors under Benitez and Roy Hodgson. However, when Kenny Dalglish took over as manager of Liverpool, Johnson started to live up to his price tag, constantly hassling the defense of the opposition with his runs down the wing. Because of this I think Glen Johnson will be Liverpool's first-choice right back.

    Competition: John Flanagan and Martin Kelly.  

The Holding Midfielders: Lucas Leiva and Charlie Adam

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    I think that most people will agree with my choices here. With Lucas coming off his best season in the Premier League yet and Charlie Adam ready to take a stab at equaling Alonso's quality, I think that these two could potentially play brilliantly together, with Lucas winning the ball and then giving it to Adam to distribute.

    With the attacking players in front of him, Lucas will need the extra help when the opposition is on the counterattack. I think that these two players will definitely be the first-choice players in these positions, complimenting each other well.

    Competition: Meireles and Spearing.

The Attacking Midfielders: Stewart Downing, Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez

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    This is in my opinion Liverpool's strongest area of the pitch, as it has many options.

    They will have the wonderful Suarez on the right, cutting inside and generally causing mayhem, Downing will do what he does best, taking on defenders and crossing the ball onto a certain 35 million pound man's head.

    In case that is not good enough, Liverpool have the pass master and their talisman, Steven Gerrard, spraying passes all over the pitch. Just thinking about these three linking up is exciting.

    Competition: Meireles, Aquilani, Kuyt, Henderson, Shelvey, Maxi and Cole.

The Striker: Andy Carroll

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    What is there to say about the Geordie striker? He's huge, fast, strong and talented. He is a truly terrifying prospect for any defence.

    Liverpool fans are hoping that Carroll will be able to justify his price tag, while other fans will just be scared about him destroying their defenses. This man will be Liverpool's centre forward this year.

    Competition: Kuyt, Suarez and Ngog.

    Thanks for reading and please leave a comment. Liverpool for the title!