What Can the Kansas Jayhawks Accomplish This Year As an Encore?

James JohnsonContributor INovember 9, 2008

OK, this is my first article ever, so cut me some slack!

I have been a Kansas Jayhawk fan for about 53 years now, so I do admit to knowing a bit about their background (basketball ways, anyhow), and all of us die-hard Jayhawk fans should and do relish the 2008 NCAA national championship run and continue to be awed at the accomplishments made in the last year!

The Jayhawks basketball team and their coach, Bill Self, were phenoms! Unfortunately, as I look at their current roster, it is chock full of unfamiliar names. Boy, did KU ever lose a bunch of talent!

However, it appears the team will be led this year by junior guard Sherron Collins and big man Cole Aldrich. Then there is Conner Teahan and Tyrel Reed, both excellent three-point shooters who should see lots of playing time, then the list grows a bit dim.

I write all of this honestly unprepared, as I have been very bad and have totally missed their first four preseason games, which is not like me as I am usually there from Day One, but this year "things" have just seemed to get in the way—old age, perhaps (grins).

Anyway, they did win the four games and that's a good start, but I am afraid it could be a long season for the Final Four champs. However, I do not underestimate the recruiting abilities of KU, nor the coaching abilities of Self and Danny Manning!

So here's hoping that those seemingly unknown names on that roster pan out and carry the Hawks to greatness again!