WWE: CM Punk vs. John Cena II Will Be the Match That Rocks the WWE's Foundation

Travis SmithAnalyst IIAugust 5, 2011

John Cena versus CM Punk has been the best feud in the WWE in the past decade. This great feud has seen it all from Nexus to contracts to promos to controversy and now it will all come to a head at SummerSlam. CM Punk and John Cena are recognized as co-champions and will battle to become the undisputed WWE champion in one of the most highly anticipated matches in WWE history. I believe that SummerSlam will be the defining moment in both CM Punk and John Cena’s careers because this match will be one of the best matches of all-time.

CM Punk has become the legitimate “bad-ass” of the WWE since his shoot promo back in June. Since that moment, Punk has been admired by the rebellious WWE fans and has taken the company by the throat. Punk’s popularity reached an all-time high when he won the WWE title from John Cena at Money In The Bank. When Punk returned to the company a few weeks later, he again stole the thunder from Cena and staked his claim as the top star in the company.

John Cena has always been the one superstar that has riled up the WWE universe. There is not one fan in the world today that has a neutral opinion on Cena, fans either love the guy or despise everything he stands for. Cena was put into an awkward spot when he lost his WWE title to Punk and then two weeks later defeated Rey Mysterio to win back the title. Cena’s promos and in-ring work over this stretch has been damn impressive and it has made the hype for this match even greater.

I feel that this rematch has all the ingredients to become an instant classic. The fans are into this feud and to see the split in the crowd is nothing short of remarkable. It was not too long ago that the WWE was struggling to just get fans interested in the program. You could not ask for two more opposite performers to feud with than Cena and Punk. CM Punk stands for everything that isn’t the PG era and dances to the beat of his own drum. Punk’s fans show the same passion when his music hits and they stand by Punk in any situation he is in. Cena is the poster boy of the WWE and is the guy that markets the PG era to a T.

This rivalry has reminded me of the Stone Cold versus Rock feud back in 2001 when the two biggest stars of the “Attitude” era clashed at WrestleMania Seventeen. Stone Cold represented the common man; he was a blue-collar performer that would kick anyone’s ass that stood in his way. The Rock was high profile; he had everything it took to get Hollywood’s attention. The Rock had that “It” factor that most superstars dream of having. That feud took the WWE to all new highs and it was a career defining rivalry for both men. Cena versus Punk has the same elements and potential to take the WWE to the next level and really leave it’s mark in the history books.

SummerSlam has been dubbed as one of the WWE classic pay-per-view events, but I cannot think of a SummerSlam that had as much anticipation as this year’s event. Cena versus Punk is the headlining match on the card and you better believe that this match will epic. If this match is half as good as what fans are expecting, then it will easily go down as the match of 2011.

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