Top 10 Current Player Nicknames in the NFL

J FCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2011

Top 10 Current Player Nicknames in the NFL

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    Nicknames in sports, particularly in the NFL, allow fans to feel an emotional attachment to the league's players. They bring fans a sense of closeness to their favorite franchises.

    These names are often awesome and humorous at the same time, two qualities I will be judging when looking at the best.

    Many times they are dished out by the media and fans, but some of them even originate in the locker room or are created by the players themselves.

    Here are the top ten player nicknames in the NFL today.

Honorable Mention: Big Ben

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    It may not be the most creative nickname in the NFL, but Ben Roethlisberger's simple pseudonym is the most commonly used and deserves on honorable mention on this list.

    It was given to him because of his big build for a quarterback, but it is also a reference to the world-famous clock tower in London of the same name.

10. Mr. Rodgers/A-Rodg

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    Since the term "A-Rod" had already been taken, Aaron Rodgers had to settle for Mr. Rodgers in reference to the late host of the children's TV program "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood".

    It may seem like a degrading nickname because it associates the tough quarterback with sweaters, puppets, and trolleys, but in reality it's one of the best in the NFL.

    After Aaron's arrival, Lambeau Field became Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood. Last season there were plenty of beautiful days in the neighborhood as Rodgers led the Pack to a Super Bowl title.

    If you have anything against the peaceful Mister Rogers, just call the Super Bowl MVP "A-Rodg" instead.

9. Double Trouble/Slash and Dash

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    The Panthers dynamic backfield duo of Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams has been together since 2008. Now that Williams has re-signed, Double Trouble will be causing havoc for opposing defenses for years to come.

    The tandem has also been labeled "Slash and Dash" in the past.

8. The Freezer

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    Busari Raji Jr.'s true nickname is B.J., but he has now proclaimed himself "The Freezer".

    Mike McCarthy opted to use Raji in a few of his goal line schemes as a fullback during last year's postseason because of his enormous build, similar to William Perry, a former Chicago Bear.

    Perry's nickname was "The Refrigerator" or "The Fridge", so Raji decided he should be called "The Freezer". It is even more appropriate because the Packers play at frigid Lambeau Field.

7. Matty Ice

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    The nickname is a reference to Matt Ryan's ability to remain cool under pressure, but it is actually a play on words of an alcoholic beverage known as Natty Ice, short for Natural Ice beer.

    Ryan's nickname is used frequently and flows very nicely.

6. Megatron

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    Given to him by former teammate and fellow receiver Roy Williams, Calvin Johnson's nickname is a reference to the Transformers' character called Megatron.

    It was given to him because of his 6-foot-5 stature and his ability to go up and grab balls.

5. AD/AP/Purple Jesus

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    Widely regarded as the best back in the league, Adrian Peterson is well deserving of his collection of honorable nicknames.

    His full name is often shortened to the initials A.P., but he also goes by A.D., which stands for "All Day". It was given to him by his parents at the age of two because he never ran out of energy. His coaches have also called him that because of the way he can light up opponents all game long.

    Purple-clad Peterson can also make miraculous moves on the playing field. His skills with the football in his hands has led to Vikings fans dubbing him "Purple Jesus".

4. The Claymaker

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    Clay Matthews is one of the most feared and relentless playmakers in the NFL.

    Clay Matthews + playmaker = Claymaker.

    This is an incredible nickname for the pass rushing phenom.

    The terms "beast" and "monster" have also been used synonymously with Clay's name. I've heard Claymotion is in the works as well.

3. Marion the Barbarian

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    In his prime, Marion Barber was a physical back who punished potential tacklers and broke tackles with ease.

    His beastly nickname refers to his savage style of play and conveniently rhymes with his first name.

2. Revis Island

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    Revis' coverage abilities are considered the cream of the crop at the cornerback position and he often leaves star receivers feeling like they've been stranded on an island.

    The nickname just screams respect for his skill.

1. The Samoan Head Hunter/Tazmanian Devil

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    Last year's Defensive Player of the Year has certainly earned this pair of frightening nicknames because of his bone-crunching hits that often separate the ball-carrier from the pigskin.

    Troy Polamalu, who is of Samoan descent, is one of the most feared hitters in the league. He is all over the field and it isn't often that his victims are spared.