Harry Redknapp Spurs on Tottenham's Resurgence

Eric GomezAnalyst INovember 8, 2008

Often the butt of jokes this season, the latest to involve Tottenham Hotspur was quite simply that players could not understand outgoing manager Juande Ramos' instructions.

Not exactly a zinger, but the point gets across.

With Harry Redknapp in charge, Spurs players have apparently remembered how to play football, netting seven of nine possible points in the EPL and a UEFA Cup win over Dinamo Zagreb.

While Tottenham are still in last place in the league, it's become fairly apparent that an attitude change has taken place at White Hart Lane.

Make no mistake about it, there have been two different teams at Tottenham this season.

The team led by Redknapp pulled four points from games against Arsenal and Liverpool—the same Liverpool who lead the competition thus far.

The team led by Ramos scratched one point from games against Sunderland and Wigan Athletic.

Both of those games were at home.

Attitude and better command of the English language aside, Redknapp has also made significant changes on the pitch.

Then Portsmouth manager, Redknapp, was leading his side to a 2-0 victory, Redknapp caught a first-hand view of Tottenham's many shortcomings and has seemed to move his chess pieces around effectively upon his arrival.

Gone for the time being are Ramos mainstays like Giovani dos Santos, who has yet to play a minute since Redknapp's arrival.

Others, like Aaron Lennon, have maintained a more prominent role albeit in a different capacity on the pitch.

The days when Lennon wandered around the pitch looking for someone to pass to are gone, with a more involved scheme netting the Spurs better offensive results.

The question on everyone's mind now is; how long will the honeymoon last?

A rematch against Liverpool awaits on the 12th in a Carling Cup match, and Tottenham's next two Premier League games (including one today) are away from White Hart Lane, versus Manchester City and Fullham.

With a grand total of 81 points remaining in the season, it is quite obvious now that the move to replace Ramos at the managerial position came at the right time.

Steering away from relegation is of course, priority one. But Tottenham supporters on cloud nine are no doubt unaware of the ceiling at this point.

And with good reason.

Despite still being dead last in the league table, those same fans will be quick to point out that lately,they've been the ones quick to crack jokes about other teams.