Orlando Magic: Rising From The Ashes

Matt Shea@isheax407Correspondent IJune 15, 2016

As this season began, it seemed that the very dominant Orlando Magic, falling 0-2 to the hawks then grizzlies, would have a terrible season. These were teams that after the game and you check the scoreboard, it was so blatantly obvious, Hustle had left the building! From then on it was a bit shaky in the first 2 games coming off the 2 game losing streak, yet nonetheless a W. We saw in the Philly and Wiz game though, a sense of pride and certain things that make up a championship caliber team. When they had their backs against the wall, they worked their way back out and I have a few great reasons to believe in the Magical abilities that this team possesses. Dwight wouldn't have any mediocrity and admitted that he himself hadn't played as dominantly big as he should've been through 4 games. Yet we saw in the past 2 games, a Magic team with a clear message, I mean this when I say this and truly believe in this statement, "Were coming for you!" The Magic play a tough Trailblazer team on Monday that may be Oden-less, yet we've seen Brandon Roy really play well down the stretch and in certain aspects late in the game. I predict that they will get it together and not listen to all of the hype surrounding them, as Dwight has suggested at in the long run of his career [[he's got haters' too!]]. They will regroup this weekend and be ready to ball in the 407. :D