Hall Of Famers: Watch Some Dirty Stuff.

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent INovember 8, 2008

Montreal Vs Toronto, and yes, it did bring back many memories of years past.

Seeing all The Hall Of Famers out on the ice and all the Vets with their shining Medals and everyone wearing poppies in honour of - "The Men That Did Not Return."

A very emotional time indeed.

Sitting back taking all of this in I found it very hard to believe that I saw each and every one of these Hall Of Famers play our wonderful winter pass-time.

My, how time passes. How each and every one of those great players left their mark.

As ruff and tuff as "Ted Lindsay" was, he had great respect for other players, and yes, I know about the stick-swinging.

About two weeks ago all hell broke loose in Toronto when Ryan Hollweg side-swiped a player, a marginal from what I understand.

But since Hollweg wears that type of play he was dealt with.

I was enjoying the Montreal-Toronto game, until such time as the Canadien's for some unknown reason thought they should try to impress "The Old Boys", with the dirty stuff.

The Officiating in the N.H.L. is supposed to be the best.

We have eight eyes out there trying to keep everything in order according to the rules, and none, I said none,.of those eyes notice the stick work. COME ON!

Now we will get to the cheap-shot on Mike Van Ryan.

As everyone I am sure,noticed. It's a ruthless gutless attempt to injure an other player.

Kostitsyn, in no way, shape, or form, would try to avoid anything less, than full body contact.

This so-called Montreal Defenceman who tried to impress the old boys did the exact opposite.

I would think that "Terrible Ted"-Lindsay,was setting back thinking - "If I was young again, Kostitsyn would need a chainsaw to take the wood out."

Needless to say "The League" had better take a good look at this one.

Now that the temper has settled...

If The Leafs can put a few games together like the Montreal one, they will win their share of games.

Puck-control, man-on-man, fore-check, back-check, screened shots, discipline, equals a 6-3 win.