WWE One Night Stand 2007 Review

Jonathan WilsonContributor IINovember 8, 2008

WWE One Night Stand
June 3, 2007

Rob Van Dam vs Randy Orton - Stretcher Match
First person who pushes his opponent on a stretcher and past a line wins. This was just a month or so into Orton's "Punt everyone's head off" gimmick. After Judgment Day, RVD made comments about how he didn't like what Orton did to Shawn Michaels. In a match on Raw, Orton gave RVD a concussion. That was the match where RVD sold the RKO as if his neck was broken. RVD starts off the match with a kick to Orton's head. RVD focuses the entire match on giving Orton a concussion. RVD heads to the top rope, but falls off due to the previous concussion. Back inside, RVD tries the rolling thunder, but Orton catches him in mid air to hit a powerslam. I have to admit, that was awesome. RVD sets Orton up on the stretcher on the outside, but as he goes to jump from the ring, Orton moves off which causes the stretcher to move over a foot or so. RVD crashes his right leg hard on the stretcher. Orton gets another stretcher and lays Rob on him and rolls him near the line. A few feet before the line, RVD gives a swift kick to Orton's head and Orton seemingly is knocked out cold. RVD pushes the rest of the way to win the match. Post-match has Orton wake up as if nothing happened and attack RVD back at the ring. Orton punts Rob's head. Orton follows up with his elevated DDT to leave RVD laying out cold to be stretchered to the back. A surprisingly good match. I enjoyed the whole psychology of both men trying to knock the other man out. The Rolling Thunder turned Power Slam was a nice simple, yet exciting spot. The ending was extremely lame though. Orton's moment long unconsciousness was corny and not very believable. But the outcome was still unpredictable. With all of the talk of RVD leaving around this time, the general assumption would be that he'd job tonight. Solid start of the night though. 15 Minutes. 3 Stars.

Backstage, Vince McMahon is with Shane. Vince isn't worried about his match with Lashley. However, he is having some strange feelings of something bad about to happen. Question is, was it foreshadowing his fake death or the media onslaught that would last all year?

CM Punk, Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman vs Elijah Burke, Marcus Cor Von and Matt Striker - Tables Match
Although this is a 6 man tag, only one man needs to be put through a table to lose. The ECW Originals and The New Breed had been feuding since the beginning of the year. Punk had recently joined the New Breed only to turn on them in 2 weeks. At Judgment Day, Punk beat Burke. The ref tries to keep this a standard 6 man tag by keeping only one man for each team at a time. Nothing exciting early on. Punk hits his knee in the corner to Striker. Striker sells the bulldog as if he was RVD. Which in case you're wondering, that's a good thing. Tommy comes in and he and Punk does the Dudley Boyz, "Get the Tables~!" taunt. Hmm...just doesn't feel the same. From there, it's all chaos as all 6 man are involved. The tables are brought out. Dreamer and Sandman tries to suplex Striker on a broken table (The legs were already broken), but the New Breed moves the pitiful excuse for a table out of the way. Striker hits a nice closeline to Sandman on the outside. Brown hits a nice Alpha Bomb to Punk. Punk is laid on the table, but Sandman nails Cor Von with a kendo stick to the head. Punk suplexes Striker onto Burke through a table to win the match for the Originals. With that, the New Breed/Originals feud is over. Besides a few good looking spots, the match was nothing special. With this only being one elimination to win the match, it was hard adding any real drama to the match. The most memorable thing about the whole match is the feel of the passing of the torch though. After the match, Dreamer and Sandman were shown talking about Punk in high spirits. With the Originals coming to an end, ECW had a new face of the name in Punk. 7 Minutes. 2 Stars.

Backstage, Orton talks to his former partner, Edge. Orton warns Edge that tonight's Steel Cage match doesn't matter because if he's drafted to SD, he'll be the next champion.

Matt and Jeff Hardy (c) vs TWGTT - World Tag Team Ladder Match
This match happened right in the middle of the Murdoch/Cade vs Hardy Boys feud. So I'm not even sure why Haas and Benjamin are even in the match. Early on, all 4 wrestlers grabs a ladder. The Hardys decided to just throw their ladders to the side and dropkick TWGTT's ladders into them. Ha. Haas and Benjamin tries to hit a double "Lets use our legs to flip our opponent on their backs" spot. However, it's done so slowly that it looks like shit. The fans give a loud "You fucked up" chant. You sure did. TWGTT sets up the teeter totter with the ladders (The spot that fucked Joey Mercury up at Armageddon). JR acts as if he's never seen the spot before and wonders what's going on. Um...come on Jim, Armageddon was like 7 months ago.

Things don't go as planned as Shelton is thrown onto the ladder and it crashes into the face of Haas. Shelton is back body dropped from on top of the ladder to a ladder places on the ring and railing. On the outside, Haas and Benjamin does their old Beverly Brothers spot (Haas holds the opponent in the ropes and Shelton jumps over Haas to choke the opponent.) but with Shelton on a ladder and Haas holding Matt on a ladder on the outside. Nice looking spot until they show the replay which shows how little of a spot it really was. Jeff climbs a ladder in the inside, but Shelton springboards. Shelton botches it, but hangs onto the ropes and falls forward and his feet kicks the ladder over. Even Shelton is smiling at how the botch turned out. Matt sets up two ladders (Yeah...that makes sense) and Jeff climbs Matt's ladder too. TWGTT climbs the other one and it's all punching. The Hardys push over TWGTT's ladder sending Haas into the ropes and Shelton in another spot with the horizontal ladder on the outside. Hardys are able to pull down their titles to win the match. Little build, spotty match, and the worst part was that most of the spots done by TWGTT were blown. Hands down The Hardy Boys were tag team ladder match ever. On the plus side, for once it's not their fault. This was Shelton's and Haas' big chance to show that they deserve to be in the tag team picture. To put it lightly, they blew it. Shelton's botch turned into gold was awesome though. 18 Minutes. 1 3/4 Stars.

Backstage, The Great Khali cuts a promo. I can't understand anything he says. I'm guessing it involved beating Cena tonight though.

Mark Henry vs Kane - Lumberjack Match
This feud has a whopping two day build to it. This also happens to be one of my most hated booking choices of the entire year. More on that later. The lumberjacks are Santino, Balls, Stevie Richards, The Miz, Chris Benoit, Val Venis, Kevin Thorn, Chavo Guerrero, Johnny Nitro, Kenny Dykstra, Carlito, and one other heel that for whatever reason, I can't think of. Early on, the lumberjacks are rendered useless as none of them wants to touch either guy. Henry works over Kane's back for most of the match. Bear hug is locked on for a long time. Kane goes for a chokeslam, but Chavo Guerrero and Kenny stops him. Henry locks in the bear hug until Kane passes out and the ref awards Henry the winner. The stipulation played almost no part of this match. The fans weren't into this match at all. Which is pretty bad since fans are normally into whatever Kane is doing. The match was an utter bore. But that's not why this is my most hated WWE booking choice of 2007. The reason why it is is because Henry vs Kane was a last minute replacement instead of a final Chris Benoit/MVP match. Let me get this straight, you took off two guys who's been putting on some great matches for most of the year to have one final match to end their feud. These two never wrestled for the US title after MVP won the title at Judgment Day. It would of made sense for Benoit to get one last try to regain the title. Having MVP win in a submission (?) match would of been the last exclamation mark that he needed in cementing himself as US Champion. The WWE gave up a possible solid feud match in favor of placing this unover terrible match on the card. Great job WWE. 10 Minutes. 1 Star.

Backstage, both TWGTT and the Hardys are being looked after by the medical staff. TWGTT complains that this wouldn't have ever happened in the NCAA. Both teams fight to end the segment.

Vince McMahon (c) vs Bobby Lashley - ECW Title Street Fight
Although this is technically a singles bout, Shane McMahon and Umaga comes out making a 3 on 1 match for the third PPV in a row. At the bell, Lashley runs and jumps over the top rope to hit Umaga on the outside. The problem is that Lashley only hits Umaga with some of his boot. Most of his body crashes on the floor. Nice one...

The McMahons and Umaga controls Lashley for most of the match. But Lashley remains to go down. Vince holds Lashley down for Umaga to splash him. However, Lashley moves out of the way and Umaga splashes Vince instead. Lashley throws Shane out of the ring and pulls down the ropes to allow Umaga to fall out. Lashley isn't able to pin Vince as Umaga pulls him out of the ring. Shane hits his top rope elbow through the announcer's table. Back inside, Shane tries the garbage can Van Terminator, but Lashley moves out of the way and Shane takes out Umaga (I believe they did this spot at SNME or WM 22 but with Vince). Lashley hits the running powerslam to Vince and wins back the ECW title. Post-match has Lashley spearing Vince for good measure. It's not so much that these guys had bad chemistry together. Because they didn't. However, When it comes to Vince's matches, if you've seen one (With the same opponent) match, you've seen them all. It's not like Vince or Lashley to be honest could change up their styles to deliver a much different match. I personally, love the idea of Vince being ECW champion. Besides Eric Bischoff, is there another man who's as hated by ECW fans as Vince McMahon? However, they dropped the ball with the reign by keeping Vince feuding with Lashley. A Vince vs RVD PPV match could of been major selling point of a PPV. After all, the old ECW fans didn't care about Lashley. If you really wanna piss people off in order to get them to hate you, book one of their favorites (RVD) against Vince and lose. My other issue is the fact that Lashley even won back the title. He'd only hold onto it for about 8 days before being stripped of it when he was drafted to Raw. Wouldn't it have made more sense to somehow have Umaga win it from Vince and send Umaga to ECW? That way, the bookers wouldn't have had to redo the main event entirely and see everything blow up in their face when Benoit was found dead. I gotta admit though, Umaga, Benoit, Punk, Burke and Cor Von in the ECW picture could of been awesome. 12 Minutes. 2 Stars.

Backstage, Santino and Maria talks some until Todd Grisham asks for Maria's expert advice on pudding matches. Maria switches gears and gives an educated answer which surprises everyone. Ah...remember the days in which Maria was a character instead of another random talentless diva?

Melina vs Candice - Pudding Match
I'm not even going to bother to recap this. Candice wins by dunking Melina's head in the pudding until Melina taps out. Post-"Match" has Maria jumping in the pudding to fight with Candice. Oh look, even the ref falls in. Wow...way to make women wrestling look like even more of a joke than it was. Honestly, why should the WWE expect us to care about the division when they don't even? The best part of the entire match was that the crowd was DEAD. This extreme PPV was a perfect chance to show that your women wrestlers could really go. Instead of doing a hardcore match of some sort...they fill a pool up with fuckin pudding. For someone who feels so passionate about being a "Wrestler" like Melina does, she sure didn't have any problem being in a match that makes the entire sport of women wrestling look like a joke. Do yourself a favor and go here. 3 Minutes. DUD

Edge (c) vs Batista - World Heavyweight Title Steel Cage Match
So Edge came over to SD and won the WHT from Taker and found a way to sneak off as champion at Judgment Day in his first match with Batista. This is Batista's rematch. Early on, Edge tries to escape, but Batista stops him. Cole tries to say how much of a coward Edge is. JBL tears Cole a new asshole by saying it was smart since it's how you win. JBL then asks Cole if it's smart to win. God, I miss JBL on commentating. A lot of typical boring steel cage work going on. Near the end of the match, Batista goes for a Batista, but Edge grabs the cage and climbs off. Batista crawls to the door while Edge climbs over the top. As Batista has his hands on the floor of the arena, Edge jumps down retaining his title. Batista is distraught at somehow losing again. It's as if neither guy was even trying to put on a memorable cage match. Just mindless wasting of time before the finish came. By this time already, Batista's "Always getting title shots" was getting old. SD needed a change. Unfortunately, Edge gets hurt and Batista is thrown back into the title picture. 16 Minutes. 2 Stars.

John Cena (c) vs The Great Khali - Last Man Standing WWE Title Match
Another rematch from Judgment Day. For some reason, these two were booked the previous night at SNME. That night, Khali destroyed Cena and pinned him with one foot. Tonight's match starts off the same with Khali destroying Cena with kicks, chops and other moves. Khali may not be the most exciting person to watch, but his moves are believable and effective looking. On the outside, Khali throws Cena into the fans and stalks him. Cena pushes a camera into Khali knocking the big man off of his feet. Cena tries a FU, but his back gives out on him. The two battles over to the set and onto a crane. Cena rakes Khali's eyes and hits a FU from the crane to the floor. Cena jumps down and pins Khali to retain his title. Cena had very little amounts of offense, but it worked. Khali was kept looking like a monster (Which would be useful once Edge gets hurt), but Cena is shown being smart enough to figure out how to beat the unbeatable once again. Khali will never put on a 5 star match or one that excites people in using tons of different moves. However, Khali's matches are typically built really well. By this time, they knew how to book him enough so that he looks like a monster, they hide his flaws and his opponents sell enough making the match a solid outing. I would rather have a simple match like this, than a match with two guys who aren't even giving it their all. Cena once again gets a watchable match out of Khali. 11 Minutes. 2 1/2 Stars.

The PPV started off with a lot of potential with Orton vs RVD. However, from then on, it was one bad match after another until the main event. When Khali is in the second best match of the night, you know that your wrestlers dropped the ball. The whole idea of an all extreme PPV isn't too bad in theory. However, when you have so many stipulations already throughout the year, it makes this PPV kind of worthless. Look at Steel Cage matches alone for 2007. Jeff Hardy vs Nitro (NYR), Lashley vs Holly (ECW), Cena/Michaels vs MNM (Raw) and Undertaker vs Batista (SD) all happened in 2007 before this shows Cage match. And we were only 6 months into the year! This PPV can't be special if everything they do at this show is done at other times of the year. As long as they keep doing so many stipulations, this ppv is worthless.

Best Match: Randy Orton vs Rob Van Dam
Worst Match: Melina vs Candice

Grade: D+