Saturday Night Main Event # 32

Jonathan WilsonContributor IINovember 8, 2008

Saturday Night Main Event # 32
March 18, 2006
Detroit, MI
Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and Tazz

After the April 1991 SNME (Warrior vs Slaughter and Hart vs Dibiase), the WWE and NBC severed their ties for the Saturday Night Main Event. The following year, the WWE brought back SNME on Fox. The new Fox SNME lasted a year (2 episodes) before SNME seemed disappeared from the air forever. The WWE did do a few SNME-like specials, most notably Super Tuesday (Before Survivor Series '02). Much to the delightful surprise of old school fans, it was decided to bring SNME back to NBC for one night to help build up Wrestlemania 22. Finally, newer fans would finally get to see the classic show that gave the fans so many memorable moments. The question was, could it live up to it's old standards?

They start off the show just as they should with short promos building towards the matches tonight. Triple H, John Cena, Vince and Shane McMahon, Shawn Michaels and the Boogeyman all gets their time.

Triple H and John Cena vs Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle and Randy Orton - 2 on 3 Handicap Match
This would be Raw's main event for WM vs SD's. For the SD team, Angle and Mysterio both agreed to watch each others back for this one night. Orton made it clear he was only out for himself. Triple H and Cena starts off as a formidable team. However, once we take the first commerical break, we return with the news that Hunter wanted Cena to take some cheap shots on Rey when he distracted the ref. Cena refused though. On the outside, Hunter slams Rey against the barricade and yells at Cena to listen to him when he tells him to do something. Back in, Cena doesn't tag in when Hunter holds out for the tag. The SD guys root on Mysterio until he can get in a tag to Mysterio. Cena tags in and we get a dream match of sorts between Mysterio and Cena. Orton tags in but quickly gets the spinning slam by Cena. Cena with the "You Can't See Me" directed at Hunter to Orton. Hunter breaks up the pin and Pedigrees Cena. Hunter leaves, but re-enters the ring to pull Orton on top of Cena. 1...2...NO, Mysterio pulls his own partner off of Cena. Mysterio doesn't want to win this way. This brings Hunter back in the ring to take Mysterio out. Angle throws Hunter out of the ring, but turns right into an RKO. Orton in his snake-like pose readies himself for the RKO to Cena. Cena reverses the RKO into a pin and gets the win for the Raw guys. More than anything, this was just a way for the partners to turn against each other. However, making it 2 on 3, SD was doomed to look bad in comparison. The fact that they couldn't win with the 2 on 3 advantage, Hunter turning on Cena and with the only combination that could get along being on a team (Angle and Mysterio). The match wasn't too great though. Once the match starts to get going, the craziness begins leading to the ending. 12 Minutes. 2 1/2 Stars.

Backstage, Booker T is in the trainer's office. It appears as if he's injured his knee. The doctor can't seem to find out what's wrong, but he urges for a MRI and for Booker not to wrestle the Boogeyman tonight due to the pain. Teddy Long reluctantly agrees to call off the match. As Booker and Sharmel are leaving, a smile appears on their face. don't think he was faking it do you? *Gasp*

In the ring are Edge and Lita for the latest edition of The Cutting Edge. Edge puts over how Mick Foley used to be a hardcore legend. However, Foley is more of a teddy bear these days. Edge challenges Foley to come out. When that doesn't work, Edge calls Foley the most overrated wrestler ever. Well I guess if there's one guy who knows what overrated is, Edge would be the guy. That's enough to bring Foley out. Before Foley enters the ring, Edge lights a table on fire giving a bit of foreshadowing for what's to come. When the fire is extinguished, Foley pours out a bag full guess it, thumbtacks. Foley tries to slam Edge into the tacks, but Edge reverses it and hiptosses Foley into the tacks. Edge and Lita starts to leave, but as Foley stands up smiling, but falls on cue. Foley runs up and attacks Edge. Foley ends the segment giving Edge an one man con-chair-to. Awesome segment to build up the match of the night at Wrestlemania.

Backstage, Booker T and Sharmell celebrates their lies with a little towel dance. The lights go red and The Boogeyman appears behind them upside down. Both scream and runs out of the lockerroom. They happen to run right past Teddy Long.

Back to the ring, JBL introduces us to the first ever SNME Beer Drinking Contest. JBL trashes Detroit and forever becomes my enemy when he insults the Detroit sports teams. Steve Austin comes out to one of his weakest pops ever. Honestly, Booker T when his image was displayed on the screen later in the show got a bigger pop than Austin. Think about that for a minute. JBL keeps reverting back and forth from his Wrestling God-like self to a rookie shy of talking to a star like Austin. They finally start the drinking contest with both men back to back while drinking. JBL just pours the drinks on himself. That doesn't go on too long as Austin catches him. JBL throws beer in Austin's face and escapes. Midway to the entrance, Chris Benoit (Oh yeah...the guy who ACTUALLY has a match with JBL at WM) grabs JBL and throws him back in the ring. Austin stuns JBL and celebrates some. I don't understand giving Austin so much time when he didn't even have a match at WM. It's not like Austin was even over much on the show. Checking out the ratings will also show he didn't help in that department. Meanwhile, you have Benoit, the Raw tag team title match and the entire MITB match all getting no time on the show (Unless you count the 20 seconds with Benoit). The segment felt very off too. With a drinking past that JBL had, they tried to portray him as someone who didn't drink much. This was just such a waste of time.

Trish Stratus and Mickie James vs Candice Michelle and Victoria
Holy Batman, an actual match. With Torrie Wilson pulling out of the match due to an injury by Victoria and Candice, Mickie James filled in. This was to be Mickie and Trish's last time together since Trish wanted a break from the increasingly stalkerish Mickie. Trish starts off the match. The heels pull the ref over distracting him from seeing the tag to Mickie. Trish attempts to tag Mickie again, but Victoria knocks Mickie off of the apron. Trish gives a boot to Victoria and hits the very staged-looking Stratusfaction to win the match. Total time Mickie was in the match: 0:00. After the match, Mickie gets on the mic saying she will leave Trish alone for now on. Mickie just wants one handshake though. Trish agrees, but Mickie teases a kiss on the lips. Mickie kisses Trish on the cheek and then hugs Trish. Trish freaks out while Mickie hits Stratus with her own Chick Kick (Later to be called the Mick Kick). HEEL TURN~! Finally. I was waiting for this for months. As for the match, for such a short match, it shouldn't have any technical flaws in it. However, even in how short it was, there was botches and just an utterly terrible match. The post-match events were fantastic though. 3 Minutes. 3/4 Star.

From Unlimited, Mickie gives a short but great promo. "Do you love me now Trish?!!!" Psycho Mickie was easily the best part of Raw.

Back at the ring, Davari and Mark Henry calls out The Undertaker. Apparently, Taker is scared of Henry. The lights go off and the druids pushes out a casket followed by Taker. Taker has his usual long entrance taking up even more time. Henry and Taker fights out of the ring and Taker reverses a whip and sends Henry into the steps. Taker hits a boot to Henry sending him over the barricade. Chokeslam to Davari. Taker ends the segment tombstoning Davari on top of the casket taking him out of action until he comes back with Khali. Yet another wasted segment which only point was taking Davari out of the feud (Thus setting up Khali's debut) and building towards the Casket Match. Who honestly wants to see these two fight so close to WM? All this is is a way to take time away from others. A Finlay vs Lashley match would of been much smarter.

Shawn Michaels vs Shane McMahon w/ Vince McMahon - Street Fight
To preview the Street Fight between Vince and Shawn, they book this. Shawn meets Shane up at the entrance and rolls him down the ramp. Shane sets up a ladder in the ring with some tables on the outside. Shawn punches away Vince to get off of the table. Some fighting at the top of the ladder leads to the suplex by Shawn through the table. Nice spot simple spot that gets a Holy Shit chant. We go to commercial and once we return, both are back in the ring as if nothing even happened. Later on, Shane sets Shawn up in the corner for the Coast-to-Coast (Aka Van Terminator). Vince holds a garbage can infront of Shawn from behind. Shane jumps, but Shawn moves out of the way causing Shane to crash the can in Vince's face. Vince is out cold. Shawn hits the top rope elbow followed by the Sweet Chin Music. Vince jumps in the ring as if he wasn't attacked just moments before. Shane locks in the Sharpshooter and Vince orders for the timekeeper to ring the bell. Screwjob~!'s as if they took the blueprints of a street fight and just did the normal spots. The no-selling really hurt the 2 big spots making this match completely meaningless. With Shane, I expected much better than this. 17 Minutes. 2 Stars.

While the original show rarely had any long matches (15 minutes or more) but they always made sure to add plenty of in ring action (Especially after the first couple of years). Somehow, SNME became a show of segments, rather than matches. The show started off well enough up until the Drinking Contest. From then on, it was all downhill. How is it that Raw gets involved in all 3 matches, while SD gets 2 segments and half of the main event? This would of been the perfect time to give either the CW or WWE Tag Team Champions their WM-Level match seeing how they weren't booked at the big show. MNM vs Mexicools or Gregory Helms vs Kid Kash could of been great. I had high hopes for the return of SNME, but it seemed as if the WWE forgot how to book them properly. Sadly, the WWE hasn't put in much more effort into SNME's since then. If you want to see a good SNME, just watch the very last one before going off of the air. Bret Hart vs Papa Shango in Bret's first title defense as WWE Champion, Shawn Michaels vs British Bulldog in an IC title match where Shawn wins it and Money Inc defending the tag titles against Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior. 3 matches, buildup to Survivor Series '92 and plenty of big stars. Guess what? The ratings were twice as much as the 2006 one. Hell, with the exception of the Aug 2006 one (Main event of Kane/Batista vs Finlay and Khali), every SNME has went down in ratings with the last one being 1.4. 1.4? That's pathetic. Much like this show.

Recommended Match
The Cutting Edge segment