Daily Haze: Injuries, Best on Twitter, Fantasy Rankings and Twitter Mailbag

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Daily Haze: Injuries, Best on Twitter, Fantasy Rankings and Twitter Mailbag

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This past week was pretty busy around here and we started to get into some fantasy rankings. With my competitive draft next weekend, I really need to start ramping up my research efforts. I need more time!

The highlights from this week at The Hazean:

In addition to all of that, our best fantasy football team name contest is in the process of choosing a winner for this year. You can vote here.

Fantasy Mailbag

Thanks again this week for all the great fantasy football questions via our Twitter and Facebook fans.

which raider should I draft?

Other than the obvious (Darren McFadden & Michael Bush), there is not a whole lot to love in Oakland this year. The defense got worse with the loss of Nnamdi Asomugha, Jason Campbell is still the starting quarterback and Zach Miller left for Seattle. The only potential sleeper on this offense is wide receiver Jacoby Ford, who had some brilliant games last season.

Best possible undrafted free agent available in a larger (10-16 team) league?

Every league is going to be different, but I will try to guess a few players in 14-16 team leagues who might not get drafted but could be valuable: Jets rookie running back Bilal Powell, Terrell Owens once he signs with a team and Tim Tebow now that he is just a backup quarterback again. Chances are he gets his shot to start again this year, and we saw what Tebow was capable of doing at the end of last season.

Tony Ward Seventh pick in a scoring league, who do I hope is still there?

Personally, I am a big Ray Rice fan this year and he is going in the back-half of the top six in fantasy drafts. So he might slip through the cracks if someone in your league is not a believer.

Here are today’s great reads:

  • Brett Favre just won’t go away: There are rumblings that the Dolphins might be interested in bringing him in to lead the offense this season, now that they were unable to trade for Kyle Orton. Favre watch 2011! [ProFootballTalk]
  • Time for some fantasy football draft prep, starting with this story about the five players fantasy owners are overrating and overdrafting. Get those cheat sheets ready! [Roto Arcade]
  • And if you need a primer on fantasy football draft strategy, here is a good round-by-round look at how things should progress for your team. [Hatty Waiver Wire Guru]
  • Finally, some deeper research that should give you a little bit of an edge on draft day: 2011 fantasy football strength of schedule. Use it to your advantage. [Fantasy Knuckleheads]

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