UFC: The 11 Craziest Fighters of All Time

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UFC:  The 11 Craziest Fighters of All Time
Sane? I think not.

The word "crazy" is a relative term when it comes to the UFC.  After all, anyone who willingly stands in front of a man who is trained and paid to punch you repeatedly in the face is at least a little bit crazy.

In a sport based on mental instability, "crazy" must be a little bit better defined, so I've defined it as “someone I wouldn’t fight if I was in a tank,” the fighters who truly seem like savages when they enter the octagon, the guys who at times make me feel like I am witnessing a possible murder, a crime, instead of a fight.

I don’t care what they’ve done outside of the octagon; these are the men who have done crazy things in it.  So howl at the moon, bite off an ear and let’s look at the 11 craziest UFC fighters of all-time.

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