Knoxville News-Sentinel: Butch Davis Is Vols' First Choice to Replace Fulmer

Will SheltonSenior Analyst INovember 8, 2008

Check out the story from Dave Hooker here.

Davis certainly has the best collegiate pedigree out of all the choices and names we've heard in the last week, and I'd be for it.

I'm still not entirely certain he's going to want to leave Chapel Hill for many of the same reasons David Cutcliffe won't leave Durham: at UNC, you can be a hero with 9-3 at a university that's always competed on an elite national level at every other sport they play, making you the face of their football program. It's what Bruce Pearl has done with Tennessee Basketball.

In Knoxville, 9-3—in spite of what we've seen this season—means grumbling.

While we're watching Texas Tech play "whichever team has the ball last wins," maybe we should pull for this outcome.

Davis walked into a difficult situation at a proud program at Miami, and turned the whole thing around. He even put the Browns in the playoffs once, before things went sour there. No doubt Butch can get the job done. But we won't know if he will or not until he accepts it.

See, you're thinking about something besides Wyoming already. Just wait 'til we start talking about basketball.