WWE: John Cena Will Not Be WWE Champion for a Long While

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIAugust 5, 2011

Oh, John Cena, how it hurts to watch your non-wrestling skills for the past five years. That was before the current storyline with C.M Punk that is. Cena has shown he can wrestle.

He has also shown that he can perform and not do his usual "Super-Cena" bit. He can entertain us in a match and that is important going forward.

Now, for the Cena fans out there, they are probably wondering what is with the bogus title that is up there. Well, I hate to break the news to them but it is true. 

John Cena will not hold the WWE title for a long while.

Now, I know there is a lot of people out there who are saying right now that he has a match at Summerslam for the belt(s) and he could win. Yes, that is true. At the same token it could be looked at as him not having a chance.

Why? Because C.M Punk is too hot. That is why.

He is the reason for the higher ratings, he is the hot merchandise seller, he is the most popular, controversial, well-spoken, superstar right now. He is the must watch guy of WWE.

Cena is not.

Sure, people still turn on the television to watch what John Cena has to say and to see him compete. But he is not the popular reason anymore.

Right now, Punk has the reign not only in the ring and IWC but also backstage. He has his say as to what happens with his storyline. He will not allow so easily for him to lose the championship title at Summerslam without approval.

Not to mention Punk has not been champion for even a month right now. It is too soon to take the title off of him and give it to Cena who already has nine of his own. It would not make any sense for Cena to hold the title.

What would be gained by it? 

The IWC would be shocked and outraged if he was to win it cleanly. Plus, this storyline has ran on the fact that Punk stole the title from the company and only returned because it went back to status quo. WWE would be slapping the fans in the face to just place the title back on Cena's waist. 

Punk would have a re-match and maybe than he would get it back, but would it not make sense to have Punk win and Cena earn one more shot at Punk instead? It makes sense considering that Cena has a date with The Rock at Survivor Series. There is four PPV's before it and you know who else will hold the belt between those times?

Alberto Del Rio. There is a show in Mexico and WWE will not miss the opportunity to give him the belt going into that Raw show.

Cena's best shot will be at Night of Champions. Even if he wins however, he will probably lose it within five minutes of gaining it. Not something to be proud of and he has gone through that once before with Edge.

In order to sell Alberto as a legitimate champion he is gonna have to win at the next PPV's Hell In the Cell and Vengeance. By that time The Rock has promised to get involved with Cena. He might be in a championship match at SS but The Rock will not allow him to win.

Once that begins, Cena is wrapped up with The Rock and that will ride all the way to Wrestlemania XXVIII.

Cena has done well with this storyline and will continue to do so. He has improved and that will be important for the future going forward. Cena will be a big part of the WWE it is just this time, and finally I may add, it will not be because of a WWE title.  

The Rock vs, Cena legacy is something that many will look forward too and thankfully because of Cena being out of the title picture it will allow it to grow and become something special with the coming months approaching.

Thank You for reading. Please let me know if you agree, disagree, your thoughts as well what you thought about my thoughts. I appreciate all feedback that i can get. Please be sure to check out my other articles as well.