Oklahoma's Run Game Comes Out to Play

Jeff JohnsonCorrespondent INovember 8, 2008

Every week, we see something new out of Oklahoma.  Against most teams, Sam Bradford shines.

 Last week against Nebraska, the defense stepped up.  This Saturday at Texas A&M, the ground game went into overdrive.

Oklahoma running back DeMarco Murray set the tone on the second play of the game with a commanding 70-yard run down the sideline.  In just the first half, Murray had 120 offensive yards.

Between Murray and RB Chris Brown, they racked up 240 offensive yards, with Moses Madu and Sam Bradford making up the remaining 88 yards on the ground.

This game should be viewed as DeMarco Murray's true return to greatness.  While he's been quoted as saying that he'll feel he's back as soon as he gets a rushing touchdown, the tone he set for this game is worth more.  The explosiveness of Murray pushed Texas A&M's defense beyond its limits.

In this game it was needed. During the first few offensive series, the Oklahoma wide receivers were at times too well covered for quarterback Sam Bradford to risk a pass. 

Because of this, even he accounted for 23 rushing yards and one rushing touchdown in the first quarter. 

The success of the running game in the first quarter allowed Bradford to start his now-legendary air attack in the second quarter. Bradford threw for 320 yards, going 22-for-33 with four touchdowns, all to different receivers. 

Oklahoma improves to 9-1 on the season.  Next week they rest at home, getting some recovery time before facing No. 2 Texas Tech on Nov. 22.