Stacy Keibler, Darius Miles, Kim Kardashian and Today's B/R Swagger Buzz

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Stacy Keibler, Darius Miles, Kim Kardashian and Today's B/R Swagger Buzz

Stacy Keibler is the object of a desire for men all over the world. So it is fitting that she happens to be the new lady friend of one George Clooney. 

If you are scoring at home, that would be the gentleman that is the object of every single woman's desires.

Clooney recently split with the very hot Elisabetta Canalis. Before the mourning period even started, he reportedly went and cozied up with former professional wrestler, Keibler. 

Some guys very literally have it all. 

Then there are some guys that have very little. Darius Miles falls into that camp. The former Los Angeles Clippers player was arrested at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport for allegedly trying to bring a loaded firearm through security.

You have to be either crazy or on the wrong side of dumb to bring a loaded weapon anywhere near an airport. They shut down the place if you bring a water bottle near the security line. We will soon break down all the intelligence that left the building concerning Darius Miles.

Then there is my best bud, Kim Kardashian. I am really getting tired of chiding her, her family and the fans that support her, but it is so easy to do so. 

The good folks at E! understand the temperature in the room. It is already ridiculous that this faux celebrity will get the royal treatment for her wedding, but now there is more. 

The network will provide the wedding in a two-part special. A wildly unnecessary notion gets double the overkill. I will be sure to lend some perspective to a topic that is devoid of any.

You know the drill. There is a ton of juicy news out there and we will bring straight to you. All of the mad, mad items that blend pop culture with sports are on their way in Today's B/R Swagger Buzz.

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