Malcom Floyd Rumors: The Latest on Floyd to Ravens or Chargers

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Malcom Floyd Rumors: The Latest on Floyd to Ravens or Chargers
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Malcolm Floyd is a very specific type of receiver: deep-threat. 

With Philip Rivers' downfield arm in San Diego, the Chargers' wide receiver was usually good for two to three long plays per game. He only caught 37 balls, but his mere presence on the field can change the defense's game-plan.

Averaging 19.4 Y/R, Floyd was among the most effective big-play receivers in the NFL.

With the wide receiving well drying up, teams are turning to the monstrous 6'5", 235 lbs. receiver to address their needs. The Baltimore Ravens are in tremendously heavy pursuit, even going so far as to have offered him a deal last night.

Via Rotoworld:

"There are still other teams on the line, but the Baltimore Ravens appear to be the leader to acquire Floyd. The Ravens made Floyd an offer late Monday night that tops the $3 million per year that is the Chargers' ceiling...In Baltimore, Floyd would be reunited with former Chargers offensive coordinator Cam Cameron."

Obviously, Floyd has a decision to make. 

Stay with the team whose quarterback you thrive with (San Diego), or flee to a team whose quarterback, Joe Flacco, may not know how to utilize you best?

Stay here for all the latest news and buzz regarding Malcolm Floyd and his free agency decision.

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