Premier League News: What Is Wrong with Arsenal and What They Can Do?

Nithyanand KrishnamaniContributor IIIAugust 4, 2011

Following Arsenal is becoming a stressful job.

They come so close to victory and then it is snatched away. With the talent that they have they should be winning trophies by the dozen. So, what it is going wrong?

It's too easy to blame the management. However, there does seem to be a familiar pattern developing. Every year Arsenal impress football fans all over the world with slick attacking football, but they have not won a trophy in years. I wholeheartedly trust Arsene Wenger’s decisions, but is it enough?

One wild theory as to why Arsenal fail to win trophies is that they have too many foreign players who do not know how to deal with the English climate. Arsenal does tend to lose steam right around Christmas and New Year. Then they spend the remaining season trying to regain the lost momentum. It is becoming a worrying trend.

That is not to say that there is no hope for the upcoming season. Here are a few things that I think Arsenal must do to ensure that past season’s mistakes do not happen this year.

1. Take every trophy seriously

Letting the youngsters play in the Carling Cup is a great idea. But when it comes to the business end of the tournament they must start playing their senior players. This will give the players a sense of the right kind of mentality. A winning mentality is necessary for Arsenal to start collecting trophies.

2. Defend set-pieces properly

Every season Arsenal lets in too many goals from corners and free kicks. Simply put, this has to stop. When it comes to defending corners, they tend to do the simplest of errors. Man-marking is essential in these situations and would help Arsenal become the winning team I know they can be.

There you have it folks, this is what I think needs to be done. With these two simple methods Arsenal can right their wrongs.

All your thoughts are welcome. Let’s get the debate started.