Video Tributes: 10 Things to Love About WWE Legend Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Kevin Germany@@KevinUber1Analyst IIIAugust 6, 2011

Video Tributes: 10 Things to Love About WWE Legend Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

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    There are so many things to love about the Rock. His incredible mic skills and charisma along with his entertainment value made him the wrestling legend he is today. Those same traits gave him success as an actor.

    The walking tomato known as John Cena can't touch the success Rock had on the movie screen or in the ring. That vastly overrated Jabroni will not be mentioned by name anymore.

    Please understand the frequent use of sarcasm in this slideshow. With that cleared up here is my video tribute to the Rock.

His Majestic Sideburns

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    Just look at those glorious sideburns. The beauty of those sideburns made countless women swoon during the Attitude Era. His sideburns suited him as a heel or a face. Tragically, Rock's amazing sideburns were murdered sometime in 1999. A razor was implicated in the murder of Rock's sideburns.

    Bonus videos to watch

    Michael Cole interviews the Rock at SummerSlam 1999.

    Rock is interviewed at In Your House: Breakdown 1998.

His Team Spirit

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    Right here, he shows his team spirit to the Corporation by warmly welcoming the Big Show. Pretend Rock calling Big Show an overgrown 500 pound bag of monkey crap is a warm welcome.

    His team spirit was never fully appreciated by Shane McMahon and other Corporation members. This video is an example of why Shane never appreciated Rock's team spirit.

    Now he is the leader of Team Bring It. Team Bring It is comprised of members who get the job done everyday. I will refrain from mentioning that "nation" we will destroy in Miami next year.

    Bonus Video

    Rock joins the Nation of Domination

His Warm Welcomes of New WWE Superstars

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    The Rock has always welcomed new wrestlers into the WWE. As mentioned in the previous slide, the Rock welcomed the Big Show into the Corporation. In this video, Rock welcomes a debuting Chris Jericho on Raw is War. Here's the full video of Jericho's debut.

    Bonus Video

    The Rock talks to a fan.

    The Rock talks to the police.

    The Rock wants to know who Booker T is. 

His Generosity

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    Let's slow down for a minute.

    Triple H destroyed the Rock the week before their match at Over the Edge. Rock sustained several stitches on his head, a concussion and a broken arm. Nevertheless, Rock wants to give Triple H some gifts.

    The Rock offered Triple H a free night at the luxurious SmackDown hotel. Furthermore, he was given a free dinner at a five-star restaurant, the Candy A** cafe.

    Simply, Rock is incredibly generous.

    On a side note, this promo took place the same night Owen Hart fell to his death. If you watch from 1:30 to 1:45, you might get a little spooked.

    Bonus Video

    Rock gives Michael Cole pie.

His Love for the Cities of Toronto, Milwaukee and Sacramento

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    He loves the city of Toronto as shown in this video. The Toronto fans greatly appreciate his promo about Canada's largest city.

    Bonus Video

    Rock shows his love for the city of Milwaukee.

    Rock shows his love for the city of Sacramento.

His Impeccable Treatment of Interviewers

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    The Rock notices Kevin Kelly picking his nose while interviewing him. That ugly reporter should know better than to pick his nose.

    Stick it in, Hermie!

    Bonus video

    Johnathan Coachman sings Barry Manilow at the Rock's urging.

    Rock fixes Michael Cole a glass of shut up juice.

    Coach dances the Charleston at the Rock's urging.

    Rock and Mankind discuss the Undertaker with Michael Cole.

His Honesty

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    The Rock has a quality discussion with the Big Show. Rock tells Big Show the truth about the Royal Rumble. Big Show was frustrated because that overgrown 500 pound bag of monkey crap believed he "was robbed" of a Royal Rumble victory.

    Still don't believe Rock's honesty? This video will disprove it.

    Bonus Video

    Rock wishes Stephanie McMahon a happy birthday.

    Rock and Chris Jericho speak to Booker T, Rhyno and Stephanie McMahon.

    Rock tells the truth as to why Triple H's push was stopped for a few years.

His Singing Ability

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    The Rock has many talents. Singing is one of them. Apparently, Rock was a big fan of Elvis Presley in this video. 

    Bonus Video

    Rock sings about Cleveland.

    Rock sings about Sacramento and Stone Cold.

    Rock sings La Bamba to Eddie Guerrero.

    Rock sings 12 Days of Christmas to Test.

His Ability to Cut Promos During the Match

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    How many times have you heard someone cut a promo during a match?

    Rock is one of the only wrestlers to cut promos during a match. In this video, Rock is having a match with Lance Storm. Rock listed Storm's employment options in the event Storm lost his job. Storm loves his current job thanks to the People's Employment Agency.

    Bonus Video

    Rock talks to Stone Cold during their match at Wrestlemania XV.

His Referee Career

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    Rock's referee skills were so good that this match did not officially end. "One! Two! IT DOESN'T MATTER IF THE ROCK COUNTS TO THREE!"

    Bonus Video

    Rock costs the giant tomato his match at Wrestlemania.


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    I have not touched upon many aspects of the Rock's career. Rock is my all-time favorite wrestler. He is hands down the greatest talker in WWE history. Go on youtube to discover even more electrifying Rock videos.

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