Adieu Derek Anderson, We'll Miss You...Kind of

chris daviesAnalyst INovember 8, 2008

It was a good run, I suppose.

You got a new contract out of it, and I'm sure that after this season, you are going to be able to see what it's like to live in a different city. Those benches look comfortable, so stay optimistic, Derek!

However, at some point, you have to face facts. Unless Brady Quinn gets injured this season (God forbid), you'll be riding pine and watching the kid start a new era in Browns football.

In his first game behind center, Quinn played a better game than Anderson did all season. He threw for 239 yards, completing 65 percent of his passes, for two touchdowns with zero interceptions, matching Anderson's season bests in the latter two categories.

In fact, only twice this season has Anderson thrown for more than 239 yards and only once has his passer rating been higher than 104, Quinn's rating on the evening.

Sure, there is no denying the fact that Anderson's performance against the Giants was commendable—if he played that way every game he wouldn't have to watch the games.

That is not to say that Anderson has not been good to Cleveland in the past. Without him replacing Charlie Frye last year, the Browns would have never come as close to the playoffs as we did, and we certainly would have never earned three prime-time games this season.

So, Derek, for all that you did while quarterbacking our beloved Browns, we thank you. But, unfortunately, it is time for us to bid farewell to you and usher in the new era of Cleveland football: the Quinn era. An era in which we are hoping for a bit more prolonged success; however, we will first settle for success and then strive for the prolonged part.