Heat Squeeze Spurs As Parker Falls

Deric MarkhamCorrespondent INovember 8, 2008

As if to justify his own shoe commercials: Dwayne Wade is indeed back.

Wade and the rest of the Miami Heat defense have once again smothered another opponent. After disposing of the Sixers at home, the Heat strolled into San Antonio and clamped down early and often. With eleven steals, four blocks, and forcing even more turnovers, the Heat seem to be gaining some defensive form at last.

On the other end of the court, Miami was no slouch either. Wade led the way with 33 points and falling just short of the fourth triple-double of his career. Michael Beasley Contributed 20 points to the effort. Even the bench got into the act with second string point guard Chris Quinn hitting five of six from three point range.

Although a nice win for the Heat, this victory must still ring somewhat hollow. With Tony Parker going down in the first quarter and the Spurs struggling with most ever aspect of the game, the Heat will be looking for other challenges to test their readiness. Should they succeed, what looked at the start of the season as a rebuilding year could very well become a run to the playoffs.