The Top 8 Bleacher Report World Football Writers...

Jermaine KokoCorrespondent INovember 8, 2008

I have been a member of the Bleacher report site for about 2 months now without writing a single article. Got my first article out of the way recently and I'm grateful for the people that took time to read it and comment on it.

During the 2 months, I have observed quite a lot of things and I subconciously became fans of certain writers. I have now decided to put out who the best writers are (my opinion) and who I feel I have learnt from the most. There are 8 writers in total: 


1. Ricky O'Neal

Although he is very inconsistent (which he will probably be the first to admit to), when he does get time to write, he produces some amazingly unique articles. If you find the time to dip into his archive, you'll certainly know what I'm talking about. To say that he is the best writer on Bleacher Report, is an understatement.


2. Andrew McNair

An inspiration to us all. I have observed most writers refer to Andrew as the 'best writer' in this community, and that isn't without reason. He has been our community leader for a long time and although he's gone cold lately (he is not the only one) he does produce some wonderful articles. His creativity exquisite. His opinion is highly rated amongst fellow writers.


3. Salomon Gonzales

Unfortunately, he recently decided to leave us but that doesn't mean he wasn't a quality writer. Salomon managed to make enough quality contributions to the Chelsea community that saw him become Co-leader of that community. He also managed to produce many great articles about the sport we all love so dearly, in general. 


4. Joe Guarr

Although I'm not a big fan of the MLS, Joe's writing is hard to resist reading. Being the MLS community leader alongside Thomas (who has sadly departed aswell) his contributions are vitally important. His work is even more amazing when you consider the fact that he is writing to an largely EPL loving audience.


5. Willie Gannon

His style of writing, like Ricky is very Unique. His choice of topics are very interesting to say the least.


6. Shyam Parthasarathi

Although he mainly only writes about Arsenal, he is an amazing writer. What I like most about him, is the fact that he isn't afraid to critcise his own beloved club.


7. Salaar Shamsi

The most consistent writer on Bleacher Report by a clear mile. Although he has written below par articles in the past, the quality of his articles is not in doubt. He, unlike most writers, have the ability to write positively about rival clubs.


8. Ilya Mclellan

He, like Willie Gannon, is very unique in his choice of topics. Each and every one of his articles have been interesting and of very high quality.

Notable mentions: S B, Barney Corkhill, Simon Williams, Maire Ofeire, Daniel Penza and Guido Merry.