How Accurate Are The Writer Rankings On The World Football Section?

Brandon EvansCorrespondent INovember 7, 2008


Football is amongst one of the more popular sections of this website and there are a lot of writers contributing articles to it on a daily basis. The writer rankings on Bleacher Report work as an incentive to keep users contributing to the website.

Whether they are a true representation of who the best writer in that section is another story.

If you have been on B/R for a long time, it's likely you will be at the higher end of the rankings, no matter how good or bad you are at writing.

But if you haven't been here long, it's difficult to break into the top section unless you are a writer with articles attracting great attention on a regular basis.

It would be interesting to find out how many writers here write on B/R with a goal of eventually climbing the rankings and the writers that just don't care and write for the fun of it. I clearly care because I've written an entire article about it!

A good idea would be to allow each writer profile to have a detailed list of their favourite top writers. A nice little section can accompany it where the owner of the profile can explain why they prefer the writers work.

Let's face it, the current "fans" and "favourite writers" lists currently on the site are just not as prominent as they should be, especially with the emphasis the site wants to place on users contributing and reading other people's work.

Profile pages are extremely boring, in truth, with the site strangling all the creativity out of how far they can take each feature. A lot can still be done to make B/R more interesting and this is one of them. B/R works on the ethos of users being able to appreciate other peoples work.

More features should be allowed for writers to express their opinion on who they really think are the best writers on Bleacher Report are, not the inaccurate writer rankings that will never determine who the best writers or even just peoples favourite writers are for as long as it existed.

Writer rankings favour the users who publish several poor quality articles every other day to climb the rankings. 

It favours the writers that like to reply to each and every comment they get to make it seem like their article is rousing debate or interest because the comment count is high.

The only people who can really say who are good writers here are are the real people. Not a machine or a computerized system.

We need an honest system in place and the only way this will happen is when every writer gets the opportunity to write short and detailed bios of their top five writers, for instance, on their profile page.

It would work brilliantly, giving users more to do on a profile page than just see articles and links to other peoples site—and whether you prefer Schumacher or Hamilton, whatever it is!

After all, the other writers on the site are what keeps Bleacher Report alive, so let's put the focus back on them!

I would bet all my possessions the top writer in each section of B/R is usually not the best one. Nor are the top few most people's favourite in the eyes of the majority of the users that regularly contribute to the site.

This is especially true for the World Football section and goes to show that Bleacher Report although has come far, still has a long way to go in satisfying every opportunity to make the site more interactive and interesting.