Prediction: Joe Calzaghe Vs. Roy Jones Jr.

Nick TylwalkCorrespondent INovember 7, 2008

As my brother Uatu noted during his weigh-in report, these two look just about even from a physical standpoint. One suspects Jones will be the harder puncher, as he's shown more KO power in the past and he's been at or above this weight for some time now.

Bernard Hopkins recently went on record saying he felt Jones would have the faster hands, but loathe as I am to disagree with a master boxer like The Executioner, I wonder if that will be the case.

While Roy still possesses gifts other fighters will never have, unless he's as close to his peak as he claims, I think Calzaghe will be able to beat him to the punch when they exchange.

The other thing Hopkins provided was a blueprint to beating Calzaghe—and many people felt The Executioner won their fight. The trouble is, Jones has admitted he can't fight the same fight. When asked how he'd deal with his opponent's style, he's pretty much just said he'll come up with something. That doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

Calzaghe has no such problems. Once Jones started looking mortal a few years ago, he had some trouble with volume punching (against Antonio Tarver) and relentless pressure (facing Glen Johnson). Joe can do both of those things, which may be why he feels like Roy's style sets up well for his own.

There are plenty of reasons for both men to be highly motivated, so I expect the fight to be spirited and competitive. I give Jones a definite chance to win, especially if he can recapture enough of his old magic to turn back the clock a few years. As Hopkins showed against Kelly Pavlik, it's certainly possible.

I just don't think it's likely. By consistently throwing and landing more punches, I like Calzaghe to win by decision and, probably, ride off into the proverbial sunset with an unblemished professional record.

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