Chauncey Billups: Mr. Big Shot Does it His Way

Andrew OtovicContributor INovember 7, 2008

Congrats. Hooray. Glad it's over.

Denver has beaten the Dallas Mavericks tonight by a score of 108-105 in Chauncey Billups' first game in his second go round with the Denver Nuggets.

Chauncey started at point, and played about 30 minutes. He managed to score 15 points, but struggled from the field, shooting only 5-17. However, he did make a big three-pointer in the second half that really got the crowd going.

Before the game, Billups spoke to the crowd to let them know he is fully committed to this team, and will help make them serious playoff contenders. You could see it right there: He's happy to be home. He won 2 state titles, was an All- American in High School, and now he is back as the general of the NBA team in his city.

When he was here before, the team was bad. He was bad. Everything was bad. Now, he has blossomed into an All-Star point guard, who has also been an NBA champion. He is now running the Melo-JR-Kleiza-Nene show. That is a show I would be very happy to direct, especially with them being very young...very experienced.

For at least one night, Denver can sleep happily. Billups kept the offense together, made Nene look like he was the next coming of Shaq. He also knew what type of game Carmelo Anthony played, which made it easier to get Melo his shots.

As the season goes on, the Nuggets are going to be very fun to watch. With Mr. Big Shot at the helm, Denver will be very dangerous the entire season.