NBA Trade Speculation: 5 Reasons the Orlando Magic Need to Pursue Josh Smith

Trevor Lowry@@TheTrevorLowryContributor IAugust 4, 2011

NBA Trade Speculation: 5 Reasons the Orlando Magic Need to Pursue Josh Smith

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    The Orlando Magic were stacked with talented players last season. Orlando made good trades to better their team and they had a good player at just about every position.

    Unfortunately, they could not capitalize in the playoffs. 

    With this said, Josh Smith would be a great addition to the Orlando Magic. Smith could be what gets the Magic over the hump to compete for the title.

    Read on to find out the five reasons why the Orlando Magic need to pursue Josh Smith.  

Great Offensive Player

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    Josh Smith averaged 16.5 PPG last season with the Atlanta Hawks. Not to mention, he grabbed 8.5 RPG and 3.3 APG.  

    Smith is a great ball-handler for his size and he is a great transition player. He would be a great go to guy when Dwight Howard is not making shots, which would take some pressure off of Howard.  

Magic Would Have One of the Best Defenses in the League

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    With the addition of Josh Smith, the Orlando Magic would be a great defensive threat to any team they face. Dwight Howard is a three-time defensive player of the year. 

    Add one of the best shot-blockers in the league, Josh Smith and the Magic would have one of the best defensive front lines in the game.

    Not only can Smith block shots, but he is one of the best power forwards in the game, when it comes to steals. 

The Team Would Be Filled with All-Stars

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    If Josh Smith goes to the Magic, they will be filled with all-stars, assuming the Magic don't trade away too many good players to acquire Smith.

    With Smith on the team, Orlando's starting line up would most likely consist of PG Gilbert Arenas, C Dwight Howard, SG Jason Richardson and PF Josh Smith.

    This team is absolutely stacked. Put PF Brandon Bass, SF Hedo Turkoglu or SG J.J. Redick in the final spot and the Magic would have a complete starting lineup from top to bottom 

Josh Smith and Dwight Howard

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    Josh Smith and Dwight Howard go back. In fact, they grew up in Atlanta together, where they played on the same team when they were younger. 

    So not only would this create good chemistry for both players, but it would give Howard incentive to stay with the Magic.

    Another added bonus would be that this would give Orlando the best 4-5 combo in the league.

    There would be alley-oops left and right with Smith and Howard on the same team. Not to mention, there would be block parties going on every single night when the Orlando Magic stepped foot on the court.  

Dwight Howard Would Stay with the Magic

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    Like I said before, if Josh Smith goes to the Orlando Magic, Dwight Howard would stay on the team. 

    There has been many rumors about Dwight Howard being traded for the past year or so. Howard becomes a free agent next summer. Therefore, if the Magic do not please him, they could see one of the best players in the league walk away from their team. 

    Let me tell you, the Cleveland Cavaliers did not want this with LeBron James, and I could imagine Orlando does not want it either with Dwight Howard.

    Just for the sake of keeping Dwight Howard, the Magic should pursue Josh Smith. In doing so, Smith would also make Orlando a much better team and would make them instant contenders for the title.