Gerald Wallace on the Trading Block?

David W. Walters@@Original_DWadeCorrespondent INovember 7, 2008

Rumors about the Bobcats taking offers for star forward Gerald Wallace have been swirling. It would be wise for the Bobcats to listen to offers just in case they get a deal they can’t pass up, but I wouldn’t let Wallace go for just anything. 

Wallace was the first player taken by the Charlotte Bobcats out of the expansion draft and he is the team’s lone holdover from the inaugural squad. He has steadily been a fan favorite because of his athleticism and reckless style of play.

Unfortunately, that has led him to miss a good number of games over his career. However, the energy he brings to the court is hard to come by. 

The latest rumors have Wallace in a trade with the Warriors and Knicks in a multi-team trade that would involve Al Harrington, Eddy Curry, and Wallace among others. 

This could make sense for the Bobcats because of their glut of wing players and need for help in the post. But that would also mean that the ‘Cats have enough faith in their young players, such as Adam Morrison and Jared Dudley, to fill Wallace’s shoes after he is gone.

I would hate to see Wallace leave the Bobcats, but he may be the only tradable piece the team has, not including Raymond Felton. It would be hard to replace the hustle, defense, and athleticism Wallace brings to the table; the trade would definitely have bring in someone good. 

The city of Charlotte has been slow to accept the Bobcats after the ugly divorce with the Hornets; the Bobcats need to put a winning product on the court soon to get fans in the seats…and it may be at the expense of the teams most popular player.