The San Jose Sharks Are Best "Team" in this Year's NHL

raiderdad4everContributor INovember 7, 2008

Could the San Jose Sharks be the best "Team" in this year's NHL?

When Ryane Clowe scored the game-winning goal in their shoot-out victory Thursday night vs. the St. Louis Blues, it was the first time in 12 victories this season that someone had two game winning goals.

Leading into Thursday's game 11, different Shark players had game winning goals in their previous 11 victories. That alone would qualify them for the best "team" in hockey, but it doesn't stop with that. The Sharks also lead the NHL in points without a single top 20 scorer.

This is also a team that has a completely new coaching staff as well as three new veteran defenseman. That would make most teams suffer a little in transition.

Look at the difference the Sharks young defenseman like Ehrhoff, Murray, and Vlasic have brought to the team. Each is now blasting shots as well as playing solid defense and becoming better offensive-defenseman with each game.

The Sharks have every member of the team contributing. The credit should go to the best General Manager in the Bay Area and Doug Wilson and his vision of what the Sharks needed to do to become a real "team".

Can anyone think of a team in the NHL playing better right now as a "team" than the San Jose Sharks?