Spurs Get Roasted By The Heat

David SinghContributor INovember 7, 2008

Being a resident of San Antonio, I have  high expectations for the Spurs.  Unfortunately, they are not meeting those expectations.  Even with Tony out, they should not be getting blown out at home by the Miami Heat. 

The first thing that dissapoints me about this game is that the Spurs let the Heat go on an 18-0 run in the first quarter.  Where is the defense guys?  My main concern on defense right now is Bruce Bowen.  He really hasn't shown much in the last couple of seasons.  Maybe that was a hint when the mic and lights were turned out on him at the Alamodome during the celebration of their last championship.  Maybe it's time for a change as far as B.B. is concerned.  He also kind of weirds me out in that new H.E.B. commercial.  If you haven't seen it yet, maybe they have it on the Spurs or HEB websites.  I think the commercial sort of reflects the way they are hooping right now.  SOFT!

The other concern that comes to mind is San Antonio has been down early to opponents and have to make a come back.  Well with the age average of this team, they won't have to many comebacks in their tank this year.  You can't get down to teams like Phoenix or even Miami now, and expect to always make a successful comeback.  Let's be realistic here.

I just pray Tony's sprained ankle doesn't keep him out long, because this team played completely out of sink with him out of the line up.  This injury magnified the guard problem for the Spurs as Jacque Vaughnwas inactive for tonight's game.  So it was up to Michael Finley, George Hill and Roger Mason.  Speaking of Mason, he and Ime Udoka were the only ones giving Timmy some real help with the scoring.  Everyone else shouldn't even accept their paycheck for this game because they definitely didn't show up. 

The Spurs take on the Knicks at home next Tuesday night.  Maybe they can bounce back from this dismal lose and get a win over New York.  They are having guard problems of their ow.  For some reason unknown to man, they're paying their point guard Stephan Marbury $22 mil this season and he hasn't played a minute.  Go figure, that's the Knicks for you.  It doesn't matter who is running or coaching this team, there's always a problem.  Remember Alan Houston, he got paid a lot of money too and didn't work out either.

I will do my best to remain positive and close by saying I'm almost sure the Spurs will defeat the Knicks next Tuesday.  I'll holla at yall later.

Big D