Broncos Find Relief or Aggravation in Cleveland?

William LippContributor INovember 7, 2008

On this season's first addition of Thursday Night Football, those of us with the NFL network got to see a game that came down to the very last drive.  The question that I personally am left with is, what kind of answer did we get from the game?

Ryan Torain had 68 yds and a score with 12 carries before getting hurt.  Great game for the rookie, too bad it'll be the last one of his rookie season.  Torain tore his ACL and will miss the rest of the season.

Brandon Marshall caught a game winning TD.  The guy just looks good every week.  He'll be a star in this league before his career is over.  But of course he has problems too.  Maybe OJ won't be the only one known for a glove.  I like the statement he was making, didn't like the platform he wanted to use.  Thank God for Brandon Stokely.

There was also a moment in the game when Marshall turned the wrong way on a route.  By going right instead of left he caused Jay Cutler's one and only interception of the game.

Speaking of Jay Cutler he played pretty good too.  OK maybe that's an understatement.  He managed 447 yds on a 24-42 night.  Oh and did I mention his 3 TDs?  Yeah, it was good.

The blue and orange needed this win.  While a loss wouldn't have hurt them all too badly record wise, it would have emotionally.  Eddie Royal was quoted as saying, "It was like your backs are against the wall, and it was looking us in the face. What type of team do we want to be? Are we going to turn this thing around and be a playoff team, or are we going to sit back and let the season pass us by? We all decided in the huddle that we were going to get this win."

Now the biggest remaining question in Denver is, who's going to run the ball?  Selvin Young and Patrick Hillis are the only two remaining backs on the roster.  Young isn't even fully healthy.  He's bothered by a groin injury.

A fresh body is sure to be showing up any day in Denver.  I'd expect a Corey Dillon sighting, or maybe Orlandis Gary, Mike Anderson, or Tatum Bell sighting?  Nobody knows who Mike's going to bring in.  We'll all just have to wait, see, and hope he can finish the season.