WWE SummerSlam 2011: The Top 6 Possible Outcomes of Cena vs. CM Punk Match

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIAugust 6, 2011

WWE SummerSlam 2011: The Top 6 Possible Outcomes of Cena vs. CM Punk Match

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    I know that Summerslam is right around the corner. It is expected to be another great PPV just from the main event rematches of Randy vs. Christian in a No Holds Bar Match and C.M Punk vs John Cena to see who is the undisputed WWE Champion. 

    With how the storyline is shaping up in the WWE I am going to count the top 6 ways the outcome of Summerslam can be. There are plenty of ways out there that the match can end and what happens afterwards, like the last PPV Money In The Bank, will determine how WWE will progress going forward. There is a lot riding on this match in terms of what the WWE will be doing long term with this feud and the possible feuds that will accumulate because of this. 

    With all of that, let's take a look at what the 6 possible outcomes of Summerslam can be and why.

Punk Becomes Undisputed Champion Cleanly

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    This is is pretty straight forward. C.M Punk wins the title cleanly without any interference or dirty tricks and becomes the undisputed champion.

    This is something many fans are hoping for.

    It establishes Punk as not only the true champion but it puts to any end that he cannot beat Cena without a distraction or something to disrupt Cena. He appears on RAW gloating about how Cena cannot beat him and that he owns 3 consecutive victories over him.

    He no longer has anything to prove to him and he can go on and possibly feud with someone else.

    Out comes Cena and says he wants his rematch that night. Punk would say no, HHH would eventually set up the rematch at the next PPV.

Punk Becomes Undisputed Champion by Being Dirty

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    Now this would be an interesting angle and a realistic one to go with. Imagine that the ref gets knocked out quickly. Cena puts hits his AA or puts Punk in the STF and he taps. The Ref is out so no one can call it.

    Cena gets up or breaks the hold to try to revive the Ref when out of no where Punk drills Cena with his belt, hits his GTS and walks out with the belt(s) and the victory. 

    By doing this it would further the storyline between the two. Punk goes on and gloats about how he won his way and that he does not play by the rules and that he spits into the face of HHH by his actions. 

    HHH would come out and have another classic, must see confrontation between the two before Cena comes out. He pleads his case of Punks tactics and gives Cena another title shot if he earns it later that night which he would.

    That would set up a possible No DQ type match the next PPV to settle it once and for all.

    Does not sound bad eh?

Cena Becomes Undisputed Champion Cleanly

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    This one appears unlikely and would cause a riot among IWC and WWE fans alike but that does not mean that it cannot or will not happen. 

    Cena winning cleanly would mean that not only is he the champion but Punk would have a re-match clause in his newly signed contract. That would set up a new set of confrontations between the two and another match at the next PPV.

    Punk would not have to earn it and perhaps as a surprise a condition of his contract would be for him to choose the type of match he wishes to have. 

    From there the options could be endless as to what they could do at the next PPV and the time leading up to it. 

Cena Becomes Undisputed Champion from Interference

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    The picture pretty much sums up what I was going to say about the statement.

    Imagine the match going back and forth and the Ref gets knocked down. HHH storms the ring just as C.M Punk is about to hit his GTS on Cena and delivers a pedigree to him. He turns him over and tells the shocked Cena to pin Punk and goes over to wake the Ref up. 

    As HHH exits the ring Cena stares at him and than at Punk and pins him for the 3 count and for the Championship.

    This would set up a massive angle for the Raw following about how Cena did not want the belt the way he had won it. He thought that HHH should not have interfered and that if Punk won, than so be it, the better man would have won.

    HHH comes down to the ring and explains that he does not like Punk and since he told him that he was not going to follow the rules he taught him a lesson and broke his rules in the process to do it and to send a message that no one should cross him. 

    Punk would come down and talk about the status quo of the WWE has returned and that HHH could not stand to see him as champ. This would escalate and Punk with his rematch clause would get it at the next PPV.

    From there WWE would be on a road of undeniable must see television. 

Del Rio Cashes in Money in the Bank and Wins

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    Not a pretty picture to go with a not so pretty ending to the PPV. While there are many people out there who want to see this happen it is probably not the right time to do so. 

    After the match, no matter who the winner is Del Rio's music hits and rushes to the ring and has the ref cash it in and ring the bell. He puts his armbar submission on and has them tap. He becomes the new champion. 

    WWE would finally do something that they have been wanting to do for a long while now and put the title around Del Rios waste. 

    The best case scenario for this would be if Punk lost to Cena and Del Rio cash's it in on Cena and wins. The reason being it would set up a triple threat match for the title at the next PPV. 

    Punk would come down and demand his rematch since we all know he does have one. Cena would than come out demand his rematch because he feels cheated that this happened to him again with the first time being from Edge years back. HHH would come out and make it a triple threat and the weeks after that would build to it.

    That is a match i would not mind seeing at the next PPV main event.

Del Rio Cashes in Money in the Bank and Loses

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    This is a very long shot with him losing completely. I highly doubt that WWE would have him win it just to cash it in unsuccessfully to become the first one to not win a title after cashing it in. 

    However it is still possible. After the match in over he runs down the ramp and into the ring and he signals for it to be cashed in and the ref rings the bell. He goes for the armbar and Cena or Punk, whoever wins, quickly rolls him up for the win and runs away from the ring. Del Rio would be shocked and the PPV credits roll with Del Rio's shocked face.

    That would be an Raw interesting to watch because of the situation having to be address and having to see Del Rio's reaction to it and see what he has to do.

    Maybe because of what happened, he forces himself into the equation and title picture by doing multiple attacks on Cena, Punk, or both.

    That would set up the Triple Threat match at the next PPV.

    Another way it could happen would be another quick run and fail attempt. Letting his presence be known out there and that he is still keeping a close eye on the championship despite of his on-going storyline. 


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    There is no telling what is going to end up happening. All-in-all though, no matter what happens, it appears that WWE will still be watchable and entertaining to say the least.

    The main event for the next PPV will be another must watch and the possible storylines that could spawn are very enticing to say the least.

    SummerSlam is going to be another great PPV and I am sure many people out there are looking forward to not just the main event, but to the entire show. 

    Let me know about your thoughts about the slideshow and what outcome you think will happen. It does not have to be one of mine. Do not forget to tell me how I did either. I appreciate the feedback.

    Thanks for reading!